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Dec 16, 2017

People Get Tattoos In Extremely Painful Areas

I mean, pain is totally subjective...right?

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Tattoos are cool (and super addicting), but have you ever thought about where the most painful places to get one are?

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Could you handle the pain? Watch these guys take the challenge!

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That's where Destinee, Fernando, and Ella's heads were at.


They did a little research and discovered that the closer the tattoo was to the bone, the more painful it was to get it done.

Armed with that knowledge, they went to Mike at Body Electric.


Destinee got a tattoo behind the ear, Fernando went for one on the ankle, and Ella got one on her finger to see just how painful it was to get tatted up in those particular areas.

Ella said that on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain she felt in the three and a half minutes of being tattooed started at a 2, but went all the way to a 9 towards the end!


"It's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I know my face says otherwise."

When Destinee got in the chair, she said it felt like Mike was tattooing directly behind her ear. There were definitely a lot of spots where she thought, "Yeah, that shit hurts!"


It was a 10. Ouch!

Fernando and his ankle were up and we saw a lot of faces like this.


Are we almost done, buddy? LOL!

It looked like the 14 minutes it took for Fernando to get his tattoo felt like an eternity.


He would later say he thought he did better with the pain while getting this tattoo than he did with his others.

All three admitted that shit was painful, but for Ella, it was more about the experience. She proved to herself that she could not only take on challenges, but she could overcome them.


Did we mention she's afraid of needles?

Great job, guys!

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