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3 Reasons All Small Businesses Need Video Marketing

With a lot of researched and with the looks of thing video would soon drive 90% of all Internet Traffic. It sounds somehow right? The best thing to do is to make use of it now when you can still use it to gain more traffic instead of saying it will not possible. You know Video opens the doors to Opportunities to educate or entertain your customers. Yet, despite the rapid growing of video, many small business owners still seem to shy away from these powerful marketing strategies. With our researched and based on experience, those that failed to use the video for marketing do so for some reasons:

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These Maybe The Reasons

•They don’t have the clear understanding on how video can increase their business feasibility.

•They don’t want to spend much to create ongoing videos because they don’t know what’s the result may be tomorrow.

•They have no ideas on what to produce (The content in their videos).

•They have no software/or time to produce this content.

Fortunately, we lives in a dynamics world, what became popular today may not be available or not relevant tomorrow. The truth is; video is making it’s way today and people that are using it can tell you how it has improved their sales.

The world is changing everyday, technology is making everything so easy that you can create video on your phone and edit it using your phone. You don’t really need high quality video to feed your followers, just make sure that you. If you deliver the best message you will get the best result.

Here are 3 reasons your small business Need to make use of Video Marketing from now 1.Entice People To Purchase From You

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Sometime is difficult to compete with your competitors especially when you are in saturated niche. If there are many people offering the same service you offer, you will find it difficult to make sales.

Many big companies in your niche have a lot of money to advertise and they are making used of the available marketing tools to increase their profits. The truth is, you can compete with them if you have something they don’t have which is quality content.

If you can be able to deliver quality content on your video and get your prospective customers attention in the first 30 seconds this will entice them to submit their credits card or take any action on your site. Or what do you need video for if not to increase your sales and get more popular on your niche?

Get Higher Click Rate In Emails

With my marketing experience, I have noticed that if I include url to my email follow up, I always get high percent click rate. And since the first day I tried it and check my click through rate have been using it. Sometime, I may not have video that goes with the article I want to Publish, I will just link to the related video on my content or embed the video.

And I make sure that the video will be bellow the fourth line of my content so that, if they visit the site without seeing the video they will not feel disappointed and leave my site with annoyance.

You can start this today and see the result. People want to watch instead of reading. There is nothing you want to write that someone has never write before but if you use video presentation it will help you more.

Help Customers Understand What You Offer

What you see you understand and its keep ringing in your brain for years. It’s easy to sell your products or to offer your service to your prospect in your shop or your office. But online, is not as easy as that face to face interaction make sales easy than online that you will be buying without seen the person behind the camera.

This is the reason why you need video as it will give you more opportunity to talk more about your products just the way it is in your shop with a smile on your face. Your action in-front of camera alone can sell thousands of your products.

Are You Ready To Use Video To Market Your Brand?


Is your company still doubting if video marketing will work or not or you are saying there is no need of spending too much of money on video marketing when you can simply write content for and publish in no time and without spending too much? Sure! You can write quality content and get the best traffic back to your site.

I always talk about content even I recently publish an articles that on how to use content to rank on Google first page which drive a lot of traffic back to my website but I would have get more than the traffic I got if I make use of video and that traffic would have keep on coming day by day. If you really want to get fast result, increase your site traffic which will increase your sales, you need to start video marketing and see the result you will get.

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