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    • femj

      I understand that he hurt a lot of people, but it’s very sad to know that not even one kind soul got to him on time to give him the respect and love that one would give any other human being - having ONE good friend would have changed his life. He lived a condemned life, filled with hate and neglect. Also, the school yard can be a scary place, because some children can be cruel to other children because they don’t know better. Things should have gotten better for him when when he grew up, but unfortunately, they didn’t. If someone - a teacher/mentor of some kind or a very kind and patient friend had listened to him, made him feel happy and safe and helped him settle down in college/school, I feel like he may have not resorted to such brutality. I am not justifying what he did - merely pointing out that a baby is not born a monster - it is the environment he/she is raised in that turns him/her into one. If all you ever knew was rejection, intolerance and hate, you cannot be expected to even know what love actually is, let alone know everything linked to it, like acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. I can’t shake the feeling of how miserable and lonely he might have felt to eventually take his own life. In his mind, he must have lived in an unforgiving world, where he was faced with nothing but injustice which was why he felt the need to seek revenge. However misguided his reasons were, all he needed was to not feel like he had no one in the world.

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