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7 Halloween Pranks That Will Drive Your Friend´s Crazy

Here´s a short list of the 7 most awesome pranks that will take your friends right to Scareland on Halloween!

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1. The Dead passenger


What you need: an inflatable doll; your car.

Place the doll in the trunk of your car, with one arm and feet dangling out. Pick up your friends for the Halloween party and wait for the doll to do the work.

2. The dead gardener


What you need: a tube of fake blood; a male human-sized doll; some old gardening clothes; a garage.

Take off the doll´s head and forearms and dress it up like a gardener. Place it with its neck against the garage gate. Make some bloody handprints and traces with the fake blood. Wait for your friends to enter the driveway and they´ll scare themselves to death.

3. The bloody towel


What you need: a tube of red acrylic colour; a towel.

Put some colour on your hand and place several handprints on the towel. Replace his towel, while your friend is showering. When he comes out of the shower, he’ll see the bloody mess and will shout for his mommy!

4. The head in the jar


What you need: an empty jar; a laminated picture of your face.

Press your face against some glass and take a picture of it. Print and laminate it. Then place it in a large jar and put it in the fridge. Your friends will lose their appetite for sure!

6. The spider in the toilet


What you need: a spider seat cover; a toilet.

This one works best with arachnophobes. Stick the cover onto the toilet lid and wait for the first guest to discover your surprise. He´ll be lucky if he doesn´t wet his pants!

7. The all-time classic


What you need: a scream mask; a bloody knife; a flashlight; a Halloween party.

Sneak out with all your materials, put the mask on and stand in front of a window while holding up the knife. Turn on the flashlight and screams will be guaranteed!

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