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    7 Recent Anti-Semitic Incidents In America You Haven’t Heard About

    Global anti-Semitism has been on the rise since the start of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. Much hate has been directed not only at Israelis, but at the Jewish people. While several high-profile anti-Semitic incidents in Europe have been reported, anti-Semitic incidents are also occurring across the United States. Anti-Semitism is a very serious issue that should be exposed and challenged, and is too often ignored by the media. Here are seven recent anti-Semitic incidents in America you haven’t heard about.


    Several weeks ago, a Jewish business owner in Westwood, California found a flyer under his door with swastikas and the words "Wanted" and "Warning" written on it. The business owner sought council at the local Chabad house.


    A professor scheduled to begin teaching at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign this fall posted several anti-Semitic messages on Twitter. After the kidnapping of three Israeli teenage boys in June, he wrote: "You may be too refined to say it, but I'm not: I wish all the (expletive) West Bank settlers would go missing." The university has since revoked his job offer.


    Pro-Palestinian activists blocked an Israeli-owned ship from docking at the Port of Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area last week. Their hope for the ongoing protests is that the company no longer schedules stops at the port.


    A Chicago Principal has been reassigned after anti-Semitic bullying took place at his school. In one of several incidents, classmates showed a Jewish student a photo of an oven and told the student to put on striped pajamas and get in.


    A county in the state of New York is calling for an investigation into anti-Jewish sentiments after a second incident of anti-Semitic violence occurred which left a local nursery "in shambles."


    Anti-Semitic remarks were caught on video at a pro-Palestinian rally in Boston, where a man says: "They [Jews] will be back to the sea and this time Moses is not going to be here to open the sea. They better learn how to swim."


    An Israeli woman in Coral Springs, Florida, was denied service at a local gas station and asked not to return by a Palestinian employee, who told her: "You guys are killers and your money is not welcome here."

    While anti-Semitism is not generally perceived as a large problem in the United States, these incidents should not be ignored. We encourage open dialogue and education about anti-Semitism occurring in the present, as well as tragedies of the past. We pray that this recent surge in anti-Semitism will serve as a lesson to the world.