19 Incredible Things Made Of Cardboard That You’d Probably Never Buy

They all get an A for effort though.

1. Remember handheld radios? No? Well, here’s one that probably won’t last an entire fishing trip.

2. Are you a cat person? Love spoiling your temperamental pal? Wait till you see the disappointment on her face when you buy this tower made of cardboard.

3. Finally, the perfect DIY project for the kind of people who enjoy 350,000 piece puzzles.

4. Are you sick of metal spatulas that last for years and never catch of fire? Oh, really? Um, okay well, here’s a cardboard one, you eco-friendly bastard.

5. Looking for some affordable comfort? Well, you’ve come to the wrong fucking place.

6. Finally something even less practical and comfortable than clogs!

7. Wow, this looks amazing! Do you guys have one made of something more sturdy? Like wood?

8. In the mood to have 200x less fun than regular foosball? Here you go.

9. This kid’s face says it all. “I’m over this. Where’s my beanbag chair?”

10. Perfect for when your iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, tablet, Android phone, cd player, radio, record player, cassette player, car stereo, Walkman and 8-track ALL aren’t working.

11. Brilliant, unless you like your furniture to survive a late-night dance parties.

13. Finally, a vacuum that matches your Chipotle bag!

14. This computer probably doesn’t stream porn as fast as your laptop.

16. For those of you who prefer their lamps to double as borderline fire hazards.

17. Think learning to play violin is tough? Try learning to play one made of sturdy paper.

18. Who still wastes their money on non-tandem bikes?

19. Never has anyone been this excited to be wearing red Crocs. Never.

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