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fellfromfiction • One month ago

Create A Murder Mystery And We'll Give You An Agatha Christie Novel To Read

Agatha Christie wrote sixty-six mystery novels — which one should you read next?

fellfromfiction • 3 months ago

23 Douglas Coupland Quotes That Hit Too Close To Home

King of the zeitgeist, Douglas Coupland entered the literary world with Generation X which made the term part of the global lexicon. He has an uncanny knack of hitting you right where it hurts with lines that describe emotions and situations you didn't know you didn't have words for. Here are some of his best and most brutal.

fellfromfiction • One year ago

Which Witch Are You?

We can't all be the brightest witch of our age.

fellfromfiction • One year ago

Which Bug Pokemon Are You?

What bug Pokemon are you?

fellfromfiction • One year ago

Which ABBA Song Do You Need To Jam Out To Right Now?

All ABBA songs are amazing, tbh.

fellfromfiction • One year ago

32 Iconic Frank Turner Lyrics

Frank Turner is possibly (definitely) the greatest lyricist working today. Here are 32 of his most iconic, beautiful, meaningful and funny lyrics.

fellfromfiction • One year ago