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Ten Rules Of Men's Fashion According To Me.

As with my previous list, just do as I say. A lot of guys, gay or straight are hopeless. Don't question me.

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DO embrace colours & textures.

Menswear doesn't have to be bland. There is no reason a guy can't rock some sequins or a hint of shocking pink. Hell even some tasteful faux *sigh* fur can work. Just exercise good taste.

DO keep your fingernails tidy.

Honestly nothing freaks me out more than long, dirty nails on a man. Keep them clean and short. At all times. Also keep an eye on your brows. There is NEVER an excuse for a monobrow.

DON'T wear open toed shoes.

Just don’t. Ever. Except maybe at the beach. In my opinion men should always wear closed in shoes. Although avoid boat shoes unless you want to look like a preppy inbred wanker.

DO consider carrying a bag.

Whilst I detest the term ‘man bag’ there are plenty or stylish options for guys who like to take a little more around with them then their pockets will allow. A chic backpack, leather messenger bag, carry all or handheld pouch are all perfectly acceptable.

DON'T wear shield sunglasses.

Ever. Whilst high end designers still offer this dated style (mainly because it keeps selling like hotcakes) you really do run the risk of looking like a bogan drug dealer. Zero. Taste. Period.

DO wear short shorts.

If you like your legs, flaunt them. Typical shorts that come to the knee or below are universally unflattering. Shorts with a higher hemline just give your look a fresher vibe. Plus they are sexy.

DO keep that facial hair groomed & short.

I’m just going to say it; this full, bushy hipster beard trend never has & never will look good. All that extra hair sprouting from your chin just looks gross & unkept. It also hides half your face & ages you about 20 years. No one wants to date a wall of hair.

DON'T wear baggy/ill fitted jeans or pants.

They are shapeless. They are sloppy. They are dated. They make you look untidy and homeless. Slim or skinny fit pants & jeans will always give a cleaner silhouette and will also look more modern. And for the love of god don't let them hang low. Your ass really shouldn't be hanging out, unless you're looking to get butt fucked....

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