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5 Britney Spears songs that SHOULD have been singles.

The legendary Miss Britney Spears has had & continues to have a stellar career, she is incomparable. She has also had some truly amazing singles. Now I’m not saying her record executives have got it wrong, but there have been some times, in my opinion, that they have dropped the ball when it comes to potential singles.

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And she possibly-maybe killed herself in a bathtube.

Toxic is quite possibly the greatest pop song & video ever released. It brought the backsliders back to Godney & Everytime converted the non-believers.

So what should have been released next?

I’m glad you asked. The criminally underrated Breathe On Me. The song is the audio equivalent to auto erotic asphyxiation. A pulsating, throbbing gem of a track that is both deliciously dark & provocative.

It would have been the perfect conclusion to the In The Zone era. But no.

I’m not even going to discuss the decision to release Outrageous in lieu of, nor that ill fated day on the video set.

02. Out From Under - Circus - 2008.

We all know Blackout was flawless. From start to finish it was a sex-bot-ney fantasy-reality. Cold as fire, but hot as ice. It was also a difficult time in her personal life. But you know what? She overcame it all because....


Blackout's followup album Circus was also rather brilliant. Whilst not as cohesive a record as its forerunner, it did boast an impressive track list. The singles were also damn good.

Womanizer was AMAZING. I vividly recall many a drunken evening where I made a mad dash for the dancefloor upon hearing the opening synth. Also she was naked in the Toxic Vol. II style video.

But wait....

Wasn't Radar on Blackout? Yes it was. Should Radar have been a single? Yes it definitely should have. BUT not as a leftover included on Circus. It would have made a perfect fourth single for Blackout. Leaving room in the Circus era for Out From Under to receive single status.

You know what? She was sad. She was coming out of a trying time in her life. Out From Under was somewhat emotional. It served as a commercially viable means for Britney to express some of her feels. It was mid-tempo & catchy af. Everyone loves a good break up song & this would have been it. I know what some of you are thinking, it WAS originally recorded & included on a Bratz soundtrack or some shit, but who cares right? You know why? Because....

03. Inside Out - Femme Fatale - 2011.

Femme Fatale is one of my favourite Britney albums. SOOOOO many truly great pop tracks. A sonically cohesive effort from start to finish & let's not even get started on how good all the bonus tracks were.

Hold It Against Me was great. The video was fire. Brit looked A-MAZ-ING! The styling, the self referential moments, the catchiness of the song, the oh-so-current-at-the-time hints of dubstep. It was CLEARLY a winner.

I Wanna Go was fun & Criminal was great. HOWEVER, Criminal was the only track on the record that didn't feel cohesive. It could have been held onto for the next record because it is truly CRIMINAL that Inside Out was overlooked.

I'm just alittle emotional right now. But seriously, Inside Out was the mid-tempo banger of a breakup song that the entire world needed. It was fresh, it was modern, it was incredibly relatable & self referential. "Hit me one more time, it's so amazing, how you shook my world and flipped it upside down. You're the only one who ever drove me crazy cause you know me inside out."

Let's face it, it would have torn up the charts & provided Brit with another video to subtly promote one of her fragrances, because if we refer to the lyrics once more, "Sittin' in the mirror gettin' pretty" CLEARLY requires multiple fragrance product placements. It's just logical you know.

04. Passenger - Britney Jean - 2013.

I'm just going to say it; Britney Jean won't go down in history as Miss Spears' Magnum Opus. However it DOES have some truly great tracks. I for one absolutely love the Sia penned second single Perfume.

The video was censored sooooo it wasn't quite what we had all hoped for, but whatever. The thing is, one of the other Sia penned tracks on the album SHOULD have been given the single treatment.

Passenger. Which was actually written by Spears, Sia & Katy Perry. Speaking of the Sia connection, I'm still waiting for her to introduce Brit to Brooke Candy so they can collab. A Britney song featuring Brooke would END ME.


It's a deliciously catchy, BIG sounding mid-tempo pop jam. It ALSO displays some impressive vocals from Brit that we hadn't really seen for awhile. It would have been perfect for radio & I dare say it could have even served as the lead single. After all, Britney Jean was SUPPOSED to be a little more personal. Meanwhile alongside Passenger & Perfume, Criminal would have worked well. But whatever, people only seem to care about Work Bitch.

05. Liar - Glory - 2016.

Before y'all come at me coz this era is still going and there is a chance that this song will get a release, I know. But we still need to discuss it because I have a sinking feeling that Liar won't be a single.

Make Me is a perfectly fine song. It's catchy. It's perhaps a little too jumping-on-whats-current-right-now-bandwagon & I'll be honest, I had no idea who G Eazy was before this. But people love it. Everyone went ape shit when the original video wasn't released but you know, Brit just looks sooooo damn good in the official video release that I don't even give a fuck.


Again, she LOOKS THIS DAMN GOOD. Like seriously. Anyway whilst there are some good songs on the record, Liar is a clear stand out. It's big. It's sort of old-school meets new-school pop. It's got those Nick Jonas/Demi Lovato vibes (same producer/writter) It's got Kill Bill/Bad Blood Style Toxic/Womanizer Part III written ALL over it.

In conclusion...

I know a lot of you are probably a little concerned about my mental health, but I'm just a boy, who likes Britney & I just hope that no more GREAT songs slip between the cracks, because she's always going to make great music & EVERYONE in the world should hear it.

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