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    14 Times Ross Geller Proved He Is The Ultimate Geek

    From his dinosaur obsession to his complete lack of style or game, Ross Geller is the epitome of geekdom. We can't help but love him for it though.

    14. That time he looked like this.

    NBC / Via

    All of college really. Chandler's guilty as well.

    13. Or did this.

    NBC / Via

    Gellers and the "routine" FTW.

    12. And said this.

    NBC / Via

    11. That time he thought he could pull this off.

    NBC / Via

    No, Ross, no.

    10. Every time he corrected someone's grammar.

    9. When he went to Monica's Halloween party dressed as "Spud-nik"...


    His hot girlfriend, Mona, went as a slutty nurse. Yikes.

    8. ...and said this.

    NBC / Via

    7. When he invented this.

    NBC / Via

    (Which of course any Friends fanatic finds totally acceptable to use.)

    6. That time he interrupted a date with Rachel for this work "crisis."

    NBC / Via

    It's OK though — they later ended up having sex in the museum.

    5. When he counted Mississippily.

    NBC / Via

    While getting fake tan, mind you.

    4. His entire synthetic music "career."

    NBC / Via

    Have a listen here.

    3. When Ross imitated a velociraptor.

    NBC / Via

    As if being obsessed with dinosaurs isn't nerdy enough.

    2. But his geekiness came from a good heart...

    NBC / Via

    Here he is trying to teach his son, Ben, about Chanukah.

    1. And in the end we found it endearing.

    NBC / Via

    Like when he called Rachel his lobster. Aww.