17 Ways College Is Actually Hogwarts

Been waiting for your Hogwarts letter since you turned 11? Look no further, a college acceptance letter might be the next best thing.

1. You leave home knowing you are going on an epic adventure.

No turning back now…

2. You’re sorted into Houses.

Even if you don’t go Greek, you’ll likely end up in some organization, athletic or student group that quickly becomes your family.

3. You live in commons spaces, where all kinds of debauchery can go down.

Sometimes this means you’d rather be invisible, like when your roommate’s “long-distance-haven’t-seen-in-three-months” boyfriend comes for the weekend. Can I borrow your invisibility cloak, Harry?

4. At first, you fear you’ll never be able to navigate campus.

Though getting lost at your university might be a tad, er, less dangerous.

5. You quickly learn that Intramural sports are not for everyone.

But don’t worry, you can always be a fan, like Hermione.

6. Every class has its know-it-all.

If you don’t know who that is… it’s probably you.

7. Getting mail from home is like a gift from the gods.

Unless it’s a howler a.k.a. a bill for your newly set-up credit card.

8. You witness some pretty appalling behavior.

(Typically involving alcohol).

9. You still have a hard time with Potions.

Only, in college they come in plastic handles with fancy, misleading names like “Prestige” and “Vodka of the Gods.” At least you can appreciate their benefits, like Ron.

10. You, too, have a Keeper of the Keys.

Like Hagrid, he is lovable, enjoys a good Brandy, and often just wants someone to talk to. Plus, he has access to some pretty desirable places … and has seen you at your worst. He’s your local bartender.

11. You’re not always at your best.

You can blame this on Potions.

12. People heckle you to support their student organizations.

Remember Hermione’s house-elf rights group, S.P.E.W.? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

13. Foreign exchange students have a certain allure to them.

Didn’t you always want to be the American foreign exchange student at Hogwarts?!

14. During finals, you wish you had more time to study.

…or more time to procrastinate.

15. And there’s always a struggle for that last Number 2 pencil during an exam.

When your academic arch nemesis gets it, you’re all “Give it here, Malfoy!”

16. Sometimes you spend holidays with your friends.

And that’s okay, because you always get the best homemade gifts from your friend’s mom.

17. In the end, you make friends that last a lifetime.

Friends that would die for you, really.

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