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17 Ways College Is Actually Hogwarts

Been waiting for your Hogwarts letter since you turned 11? Look no further, a college acceptance letter might be the next best thing.

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3. You live in commons spaces, where all kinds of debauchery can go down.

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Sometimes this means you'd rather be invisible, like when your roommate's "long-distance-haven't-seen-in-three-months" boyfriend comes for the weekend. Can I borrow your invisibility cloak, Harry?

9. You still have a hard time with Potions.

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Only, in college they come in plastic handles with fancy, misleading names like "Prestige" and "Vodka of the Gods." At least you can appreciate their benefits, like Ron.

10. You, too, have a Keeper of the Keys.

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Like Hagrid, he is lovable, enjoys a good Brandy, and often just wants someone to talk to. Plus, he has access to some pretty desirable places ... and has seen you at your worst. He's your local bartender.

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