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16 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Cat Ownership

There are two types of cat owners: people who really love their cats, and people who are literally showing you photos of their cats right this instant. Feliway is there for all of you.

1. Let's face it: If you have a feline, your life probably revolves around the little furball.

2. In fact, your camera roll most likely looks a little something like this:

3. And rightfully so! Your cat's been with you through thick and thin.

4. Your furry friend's never afraid to show affection.

5. But you know when to respect their boundaries.

6. You'll go above and beyond to get your pal the best of the best.

7. Even though they'll always prefer the box it came in.

8. You'll always defend your cat, even if they're in the wrong.

9. You've come to appreciate the art of the well-timed head bonk.

10. Or the intricacies of kangaroo kicks.

11. And literally – LITERALLY – what could be better than a head rub?

12. (Nothing. The answer is nothing.)

13. But even when they're being mischievous...

14. ...or fuzzy little weirdos...

15. ...we love 'em with all of our human hearts...

16. ...because, let's face it: There's nothing quite like a cat!

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