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    If You’re Looking To Treat Yourself Today, Check Out These 20 Target TikTok Products

    Because you did at least one thing today.

    1. A pair of false eyelashes for a fancy date night with your significant other or a lively night out with friends. No need for eyelash extensions with these easy-to-apply lashes.

    a model shown before and after wearing the lashes

    2. An E.l.f lip exfoliator for keeping those luscious lips kissable after fun days in the harsh sun. Outdoor fall activities are no match for this lip exfoliator. After using, treat your lips with the lip balm on the bottom of the lipstick case. 😙

    Lip exfoliator in black lipstick case

    3. A Wild Fable top that will have you making plans with friends just so you can wear this out. This sassy little number is a chiffon top with a tie-front that's made out of recycled polyester. Treat yourself to the top and then treat yourself again to dinner and a cocktail.

    Model wearing top in warped croc color

    4. A panel task lamp for whether you are treating yourself to an at-home manicure or sitting down to read a good book. Regardless of what you're doing, you'll have the perfect amount of light.

    White light sitting on wood desk

    5. A traveler backpack for all the fun trips and staycations you are going to indulge in this upcoming holiday season. This backpack has lots of compartments, like a suitcase, and even has storage for a laptop. Carry-on convenience right here!

    6. An E.l.f glossy lip stain so you can have beautiful lip color all day without having to reapply. Great for dining at your favorite 5-star restaurant when you want to wear a colorful lip but don't want to have lipstick all over your face while eating.

    7. A pair of flared leggings so you have the comfort of leggings and the stylish look of bell bottoms all in one pant. Pair them with a cute platform sneaker if you are on the shorter side, and tall people — these are the pants for you!

    Model wearing berry red leggings with t-shirt and tennis shoes

    8. A Joon x Moon body scrub to rid your skin of dead cells. This is great for those who suffer from ingrown hairs. Your skin will be smoother than a Barry White playlist. Let's get it on – exfoliation that is.

    Bottle of body scrub on bathroom counter

    9. A wine glass holder for your bath or shower because ~wine~ not? 😉 Take a relaxing bubble bath or steamy shower as you sip on your favorite vino.

    Hand grabbing wine glass off holder hanging in the shower

    10. An instant mani kit for salon-style nails at a fraction of the price. No one will be able to tell they are press-ons (don't worry, your secret is safe with us). 🤐

    Hand with nails on holding package of press ons

    11. A belt bag so you can ditch that big bulky purse and have an easy yet stylish way to carry all your essentials. You can wear this several ways — crossbody, around your hips, or just thrown over your shoulder.

    the red bag

    12. A giant parachute game to treat your family (or friends!) to some fun. Teach people how to play (or make up your own game) and get some entertainment along the way! I recently saw a group of people playing with this at a music festival and it brought back so many great memories.

    Kids playing with parachute

    13. Slouch sock you won't want to take off this fall season. Buttery soft they will have you dancing in your living room like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

    Slouch socks in light gray

    14. A patio loveseat with beautiful wicker detail to elevate your outdoor space. This will be your new favorite place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

    15. A pair of sleek and timeless aviator sunglasses that will give you the designer look without the hefty price tag. (And no one has to know that they're not designer, either.) 🕶

    Aviator black sunglasses with faded lens

    16. An Opalhouse scented candle to make your home smell of the tropics. This soy wax candle has a burn time of up to 20 (!!!) hours so you'll have plenty of time to bask in it. Go ahead — you deserve it!

    Lit candle on wood table

    17. A bottle of Good Chemistry perfume in the scent sugar berry so you can smell as sweet as you are. Indulge yourself with this sweet eau de parfum, as it boasts notes of freesia, raspberry and vanilla. Bonus: It's cruelty free!

    18. A woven slide sandal to throw on with any fun outfit. Goes perfectly with everything — whether it's a dress, romper, jeans, or bathing suit. ~Treat your feet~ to a trendy new pair of sandals.

    woven sandal in pink

    19. A Telestrations game for a night of laughs with your friends or family, because you deserve a bit of merrymaking. I have never once played this game without laughing 'til I cried. This is some serious LOL fun!!

    a group of people playing the game around a table

    20. A lace bra that's both supportive *and* stylish. You can pair it with a blazer for a night out on the town or wear under your everyday T-shirts because it's *that* comfy.

    a model wearing the neon yellow bra

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