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    Who's The Best War Dog Of All Time: Stubby Or Smoky?

    Stubby and Smoky were unbelievably heroic dogs, and, since it was just Veteran's Day, we decided to tally up their achievements to try and decide who is the Best War Dog of all time!!!!!!!!!

    Stubby Fought In WWI

    Smoky Fought in WW2

    Stubby Rose to the Rank of "Sergeant" and Everyone Called Him "Sergeant Stubby"

    Smoky Barely Made Corporal, Which Seems Like a Clear Case of Sexism Because...

    She Could Fly And Do All Sorts of Other Crazy Stuff!

    Then Again, Stubby Did Win more Medals

    But That's Because Stubby Fought in More Battles

    And Stubby Did A Lot of Brave Stuff in Those Battles

    This One Time He Saved His Troops from a Mustard Gas Attack!

    And This Other Time He Sniffed Out a German Spy and Took Him Down All By Himself!!!

    And He Saved An Entire Village in France During The Battle of Château-Thierry With His Bare Paws!

    But It's Not Like Little Smoky Was Short on Heroism

    She Saved Her Owner's Life By Telling Him To "Get Down!"

    View this video on YouTube

    And everyone else died! Then he started Calling her his "angel from a foxhole" because that's where he found her. A foxhole!

    And She Helped Build a Key Allied Airfield by Threading a Wire Through a 70 Foot Long Pipe!

    Like Some Straight Up Dogmando

    View this video on YouTube

    And Yes, She PARACHUTED Behind Enemy Lines in a Custom Yorkie Parachute!!!

    When Other Military Dogs Jump Out of Planes, It's Always a Tandem

    But Smoky Jumped Solo

    Stubby Had The Best Sense of Smell

    He Also Had Super Sonic Hearing

    But Smoky had Survival Skills that Rival Those of James Franco in 127 Hours

    Unlike Other "War Dogs" Smoky Never Had any Vetrinary Care

    And She Didn't Even Have Dog Food! She Lived on Air and Table Scraps!

    And Smoky could do the MOST INSANE TRICKS EVER!!!!

    You know Norman, The Dog That Rides Around On a Scooter? Well Smoky Invented That Trick

    View this video on YouTube

    She Could Also Walk On a Tightrope While Blindfolded!!! Try Doing that Norman!

    And She Could Spell Her Own Name From a Jumble of Letters! Norman Can't Spell!

    Stubby Was More of a One Trick Puppy

    But His Trick Was a Big Hit With All The Soilders -- He Knew How To Salute!!!

    Tricks were Beneath Stubby Because He Was Really, Really Smart, And More of An Intellectual

    He Was First Found Wandering Around the Yale Campus, Deep In Thought

    And He Knew How to Speak English, French, and German. You Could Say He Was a "Dog of Letters"

    Smoky Was Smart Too...But More Street Smart

    She Liked to Say that She Earned Her Degree in the Jungles of New Guinea

    After Their Wars, Stubby & Smoky Were Welcomed Back as Heroes. And They Became Pretty Famous

    Smoky Went To Hollywood

    And She Became the First Service Dog! She Invented the Whole Idea of a Service Dog!

    And She Saved the Breed of Yorkshire Terriers from Total Obscurity, and Made them Super Popular!!!!

    Yorkies Are Now the Third Most Popular Breed!

    Stubby Tried to Stay More Down to Earth After the War. He Did Lots of Normal Things Like Join The YMCA

    And Amazing Things -- Like Meeting a Ton of Presidents!

    And Marching in Lots of Parades

    And Even Going to Georgetown to Study Law!!!

    Where He Became The Georgetown Mascot

    Long Before Jack the Hoya

    Both Stubby and Smoky Lived Long Civilian Lives

    Stubby Died When He was Ten

    Smoky Died When She Was Fourteen

    There's This Really Cute Statue of Her in Clevland

    And Her Owner Wrote a Really Cool Memoir Called "Yorkie Doodle Dandy"

    Stubby's Got a Book Too

    And Instead of Getting Statued...Stubby Got Taxidermied!!!! So Go Salute Stubby Next Time You're at the Smithsonian!!!