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10 SNL Inspired Baby Names

Because if they're your kids they've got to be funny, amirite?

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1. Nasim / Via

Meaning: Breeze

Orgins: Arabic

Cast Member: Nasim Pedrad

2. Maya / Via

Meaning: Illusion, Spring, Brook, Generous.

Orgins: Hebrew

Castmember: Maya Rudolph

3. Sasheer / Via

Meaning: Uknown.

Sasheer's parents named her after a crystalline substance mentioned on Star Trek, and that's just cool.

Cast member: Sasheer Zamata

4. Molly / Via

Meaning: Of the Sea

Orgins: English

Cast Member: Molly Shannon

Vintage names like "Molly" are making a well deserved comeback.

5. Cecily / Via

Meaning: Blind of Self Beauty

Orgins: English

Cast Member: Cecily Strong

6. Beck / Via

Meaning: From the Brook

Origins: English

Cast Member: Beck Bennett

7. Jebeidiah / Via

Meaning: Friend of God

Origins: Hebrew

Cast Member: Jebeidiah Atkisson is a sassy movie critic from the 1860's, played by Taran Killam.

8. Chevy / Via

Meaning: Chevy Chases' name is actually Cornelius, however it can also be an abbreviation of the french name "Chevalier", meaning horsemen or knight.

9. Kenan / Via

Meaning: To Take Possession

Origins: Hebrew

Cast Member: Kenan Thompson

10. Lorne / Via

Meaning: Fox

Origins: English

Lorne Michaels is the creator and producer of SNL.

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