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23 Activities Proving That Phillip Island Is Much More Than The MotoGP

Trust me, a Pino's pizza is real happiness.

1. Walk out to the Pinnacles lookout.

2. Surf the waves at Cape Woolamai.

3. Or else, get a hint of what it feels like at The Big Wave.


Haters will say that this is not even close to real surfing, but let them envy your amazing tricks on the board.

4. Walk the boardwalk from The Nobbies Visitor Centre to the Northpoint Lookout.


The walk takes you along the south-west coast of the island, where you can experience the best bits of PI's nature. The ocean views, the wildlife, and the Nobbies are all spectacular. Don't forget to take a jumper, because it can get really windy!

5. Spot the penguins along some of the nature walks.


While they usually only come out at night to avoid predators, you may be lucky enough to spot a little penguin wandering out of its nest in the daytime.

6. Visit Churchill Island Heritage Farm and learn about the first settlers.

7. Walk across the Phillip Island Bridge.


Not only are the views amazing, but it takes you right to the pelican feeding at San Remo's jetty. Make sure to keep an eye on the water as you cross the bridge for seals.

8. Time for food! Feed the pelicans at the San Remo jetty.

9. Feed yourself with really good Italian pizza at Pino's, in Cowes.


The menu says "Happiness is a Pino's pizza" and I agree! Guys, trust me, as an Italian abroad and craving pizza, this was definitely a great experience.

P.S. This was a "Pizza Calabrese", but the Salame Calabrese is the best.

10. But if you don't feel like pizza, there's always a very Aussie alternative: Eat fresh fish and chips on the waterfront at San Remo.


Look out over the fishing boats along the jetty as you sit back and enjoy your meal. They're probably the boats that caught your lunch!

11. Take a seal cruise, to go and observe them in their natural environment.


The cruise take you out to the aptly-named Seal Rock, where Phillip Island's seal colony is found. Keep your camera handy because you're bound to get some curious seals wanting to explore the boat.

12. Explore the shipwreck of the SS Speke.

13. Discover the lookouts around the island. You might find some nice surprises!


Sometimes you just have to go off and explore, because the best places may not even been listed on any guides or maps.

14. Drive, walk or cycle, on The Boulevard and enjoy the ocean views.


Starting from the Nobbies Visitor Centre, this scenic 4km stretch of road leads you through some of Phillip Island's most amazing panoramas: the ocean, the cliffs, and the grass fields. Be on the lookout for wallabies and geese!

15. Take a tree top walk and learn about koalas, at the Koala Conservation Centre.

16. Fly high with a helicopter scenic flight!

17. Have fun at A Maze'N Things adventure park.

18. Visit the National Vietnam Veterans Museum.

19. Intrigue your palate with some sweets at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.

20. Taste Phillip Island's wine!

21. Have a picnic and watch the sunset at Woolamai Beach.


The sound of the waves, a light breeze through your hair, and a stunning view away from the crowds. Be careful, some surfers might "ruin" your shot and transform it from beautiful to terrific.

22. Attend the Penguin Parade, where hundreds of penguins come back home to rest after a day at the sea.


Hundreds of little penguins are walking back home. Little pups are calling for their parents, hoping for food. They stop, talk to each other, and they even hug. Is there anything cuter than this?

Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed. So, enjoy the moment as much as you can!

23. And stay overnight at an amazing glamping site.

Travel was provided by Tourism Australia. Camera equipment supported by Canon. BuzzFeed writers do not guarantee coverage.

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