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Taking Care Of Baby Pandas, And 11 Other Fed Jobs You Didn’t Know Were Cool

Brought to you just in time for Labor Day weekend by the Federal-Postal Coalition

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3. US Patent Attorneys

If we were the first ones to lay eyes on the newest iPad plans, we’d be going crazy too!

Fortunately for everyone, there are brilliant federal employees who take these gadgets from patent to pawprint.


USAID, or “The U.S. Agency for International Development” works to help communities around the world through economic, developmental and humanitarian support.

In the words of Ron Burgundy, they're "kind of a big deal."

10. Foreign Service Officers


They go to Uzbek so you don’t have to. But really, these feds serve in almost every country on earth on short rotations, and their jobs are their lives.

Yeah, you're welcome.

11. Postmaster General

The person who makes sure your snail mail gets to grandma in time for her birthday, and gets to oversee the USPS Citizen Stamp Advisory Committee. (Yep, that exists.)

See? look how happy you made her!

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