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Past & Present: 20 Active & Retired Federal & Postal Employees Of Your Fall TV Lineup

Have you noticed all the federal & postal workers on new TV shows? Meet the cast of awesome active and retired feds from past and present TV seasons!

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2. NCIS & the real NCIS

Did you know that "NCIS" stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service? These Navy civilian employees investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats to the United States!

4. Boardwalk Empire & the USPS

These postal service prohibition agents were fierce and definitely delivered, just like today's postal inspectors who fight criminals who attack our nation’s postal system.

10. Chicago Fire & the U.S. Forest Service

We love this spotlight on Chi-town’s finest, and that’s just a glimpse into what our federal firefighters are up against, fighting wildfires across the country.

18. Yogi Bear & the U.S. NPS

Ranger Smith was always trying to stop Yogi from stealing "pic-a-nic baskets" from campers. I wonder if any of our park rangers have run into "smarter than your av-er-age bears" while on the job?

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