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12 Reasons To Be Grumpy Over Sequestration

Grumpy Cat has had a busy travel schedule lately. She (yes, Grumpy Cat is a lady) just got back from visiting Grumpy Dwarf at Disneyland and her cousin Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street. There’s a lot to be grumpy about across the United States as sequestration gets closer to its 1st birthday. The policy is meant to save the U.S. money. But look at all the ways that sequestration is costing America more money, jobs, and advancement than the bad policy is worth.

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1. Oscar definitely has something to grouch about...

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The Corporation for Public Broadcasting -- the umbrella agency for local broadcast stations that bring you Sesame Street -- was forced to cut its workforce by 11% and endure a $23 million funding cut due to sequestration.

2. Honey, I Shrunk the GDP!

Due to massive cuts to “non-essential” spending, the U.S.’s GDP has seen a 0.7% decrease since 2010. Sure, it sounds puny, but that equates to a hike in the unemployment rate costing approximately 1.2 million American jobs.

3. Three’s a crowd.

And the government is getting all-too familiar with dealing with third parties. A law prof from Maryland estimated that the federal government’s interest payments to third parties & the extra pay it’s dishing out to cope with the shutdown’s backlog “may be billions of dollars.”

4. Let’s be honest, the IRS isn’t known for being the most cuddly government agency...

But with additional sequestration cuts looming in 2014, the IRS would be forced to eliminate 25,000 positions, now only “one in five phone calls from taxpayers will be answered.”

5. You can't handle the truth!

Sequestration in 2013 was "devastating" for the federal courts and the administration of justice. During the shutdown, the Supreme Court and other federal courts remained open only because of reserves in filing fees they tapped into.

Under sequestration in 2014, the accessibility of justice could become even more perilous than the last 10 minutes of a courtroom drama.

9. Safety first -- except when it comes to food, apparently.

If sequestration continues in 2014, inadequate funding of the FDA could prevent the full implementation of vital food safety modernizations. That could mean more from foodborne outbreaks and more sick Americans.

10. NSFW?

Not exactly. The National Science Foundation (NSF) took some serious funding hits last year. Due to sequestration, the agency got $500 million LESS than that what the President asked for, directly impacting 20,000 researchers and other members of the scientific community that are (were…?) keeping the U.S. on the forefront of science & tech.

11. This headgear is pretty sweet!

But there’s a sour patch at the National Institutes of Health when it comes to adequate research funding to stop diseases that kill Americans. According to NIH: For every 6 applications submitted to the agency, only one will be funded. So much for curing cancer.

12. To grandmother's house we go?

Operating under sequestration, the FAA, which furloughed one-third of its workforce, is unable to deal with a $5 billion backlog of deferred maintenance of critical air-traffic equipment and systems -- just those pesky little radars, communications and navigational aids that get you to and from your destination safely.

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