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5 Levi’s Classics You Need To Own In Your 20's

Your 20’s will be filled with endless ups and downs and a fashion faux pas shouldn’t be one of the downs you experience. These 5 Levi’s jeans are essential for any young women in their 20’s because they are easy to style, pair, and rock no matter what the occasion is.

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Skinny Jeans

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Whether you dress it up or down, you can never go wrong with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans aren’t just a piece that the emos and the scene kids help popularize; they are now a necessity for every woman and man all over the world. Skinny jeans are relatively easy to style; you can mix and match your silhouette by wearing a baggy sweater and pairing it with skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers. You can also achieve various themed styles like the rock and roll style with a leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and heeled boots.

Levi’s offer two variations for the skinny jeans: the Levi’s 710 Super Skinny and the Levi’s 711 Skinny. The former has the slimmest and smallest leg opening to help highlight your silhouette while the latter provides more breathing room but can still flatter your curves.

Boyfriend Jeans

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Even if you’re current companion is only your pet, you can still invest in a nice pair of boyfriend jeans. Just like the skinny jeans, the boyfriend jeans are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood or the occasion. Among all the popular boyfriend jeans, the Levi’s 501 jeans stand out as one of the classic and essential items for your wardrobe.

Not in the mood to think about what to wear? Throw on a flowy, single-colored v-neck shirt, your trustee Levi’s 501 boyfriend jeans, and a pair of comfy sneakers. Or if you want to add a little glam to your look, pair the jeans with pointy heels and a neat, button-up blouse (don’t forget to tuck the shirt in!).

Flared Jeans

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The 70’s called but they can’t have the flared jeans back! While some people may think the flared jeans are a tad outdated, they can add more definition to your overall look. The flared jeans are essential if you like to do throwback looks and emulate past trends into your daily ensemble.

For instance, you can easily rock the flared jeans by wearing a fitted, striped top and a pair of white sneakers, finishing the look with a bold belt. Or you can also seek inspiration from celebrities like the Haim sisters/underrated music legends who often incorporate 70’s styles into their daily looks (flared jeans included). You can find numerous styles of flared jeans from Levi’s like their Orange Tab 517 Cropped Boot Cut Jeans, Cadet Wide Leg Jean, and the Kick Flared Jeans.

Denim Shorts

Levi's Shorts / Via

It’s hot outside and you can’t be bothered to wear tight-fitting pants and put your legs in a hot, sweaty misery. The answer to your dilemma is a pair of denim jeans that are timeless and effortlessly chic. To compensate for the lack of fabrics on your bottom half, you can start layering your tops and add more accessories. For example, wear a stylish tank with a comfy sweater or bomber jacket and top it all off with some black, leather belt and shoes of your choice.

Just like its jeans, Levi’s also has an array of denim shorts in various styles. If you’re in need of a pair, check out their Bermuda Shorts or the Levi’s X Rolling Stone 501 Festival Shorts so you can feel like you’re in Coachella every time you put it on.

Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets / Via

Denim jackets are getting more and more love these days and they deserve all the spotlight. For so long, denim jackets are deemed outdated but they are coming back stronger than ever. Denim jackets also lets you explore your personal style as you can customize your denim jackets using fun and cute patches, making your jacket unique and one of a kind.

To style your denim jacket, why not do the denim-on-denim trick by pairing it up with your favorite Levi’s jeans? Take the Levi’s Original Trucker Jacket for example and wear the Levi’s 710 or Levi’s 711 skinny jeans in the same color as your jacket. To balance out the denim, wear an eye-catching and colorful shirt underneath that jacket.

No matter how you style these 5 essentials from Levi’s, your daily look will always look fashionable and trendy. Considering that your 20’s shouldn’t be spent worrying about fashion choices, make these 5 staple items your go-to pieces to help you get through the beginning of your adulthood.

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