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    25 Travel-Ready Recipes For The Perfect Springtime Picnic

    Just add basket & blanket!

    1. Italian-Style Muffaletta Sandwiches for a Crowd

    2. Sesame Noodle Salad with Cashew Dressing

    3. Fresh Blackberry & Lemon Cocktails

    4. Frittata di Pasta

    5. Mini Rum Plum Cherry Picnic Pies

    6. Easy Greek Layer Dip with Hummus

    7. Spanakopita Spinach and Feta Savoury Muffins

    8. Picnic Perfect Kale Quinoa Salad with Cider Vinaigrette

    9. Easy Turkey Pinwheels

    10. Blackberry Lime Cupcakes

    11. Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich

    12. One-Bowl Raspberry Lemon Bread

    13. Feta & Sun Dried Tomato Swirls with Wild Garlic Pesto

    14. Avocado Ranch Tuna Salad Sandwiches

    15. Easy Italian Pasta Salad

    16. Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

    17. Triple Layer Mini Vanilla Cake for Two

    18. Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad

    19. Gluten Free Tomato Cheese Tart

    20. Low FODMAP Potato Salad with Bacon & Hard Boiled Eggs

    21. Easy Pistachio Crusted Strawberry Galette

    22. Traditional Southern Iced Sweet Tea

    23. Lentil, Mushroom, & Cheddar Rolls

    24. Mediterranean Deviled Eggs with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

    25. Raspberry S’more Bars