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14 One-Step Tips To Make Your Brunch Anything But Basic

Hush basic-shamers with these one-step tips to make your brunch the reason the sun comes up on Sunday. And top off your brunch (and your mimosas) with 100% Florida Orange Juice.

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1. Make coffee ice cubes to keep your iced coffee from getting watered down.

Brunch is all about the beverages. When you're juggling iced coffees, mimosas, and Bloody Marys, the drinks are bound to be sitting out for a while. Keep your iced coffee fresh and flavorful by prepping some iced coffee cubes the night before.

You'll need: iced coffee, ice tray.

2. Swap out your classic Bloody Marys for Bloody Mary shooters.

Start your brunch off right without spoiling your guests' appetites by providing sip-sized Bloodys. Your guests can throw a few back without getting full, and DIY their way to the perfect garnish stick.

You'll need: vodka, Bloody Mary mix, shot glasses, garnishes (we used cocktail shrimp, celery, lime, cornichons, pearl onions, and pimento-stuffed olives).

3. Use mismatched vintage silverware to give your table a boho vibe.

Uniform table settings are boring — and who has silverware for 10 anyway? Make things more fun by using mismatched silverware from thrift stores or garage sales.

You'll need: vintage silverware.

4. Make your tablecloth more fun and personal by outlining and labeling place settings.

If you have a fresh, white, pressed linen tablecloth, bravo. For the rest of us, butcher paper works fine. Make yours more fun by outlining table settings and writing messages for guests underneath their plates.

You'll need: butcher paper, a silver permanent marker.

Biscuits smell good. Biscuits buttered and topped with fresh herbs smell great. Not only will these aromatic biscuits make your house smell like a home, but the finished product is so pretty your guests will ask permission before they bite into one of them.

You'll need: biscuit mix, butter, an assortment of fresh herbs (we used thyme, rosemary, and sage).

6. Cut and serve fruit in perfect cubes.

OK... So "perfect" is a stretch. But presenting your typical fruit salad in an interesting fashion will help prevent it from going unnoticed when it's sitting next to pancakes and bacon.

You'll need: a variety of fruit (we used orange, grapefruit, mango, kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, and pineapple).

How do you give each guest the egg dish they want without spending your brunch manning the omelet bar? Create bite-sized varieties of your egg dish in a whoopie pie pan, allowing each guest to pick one...or five.

You'll need: eggs, garnishes (we used bacon bits, cheese, peppers, chives, and tomatoes), whoopie pie pan.

8. Instead of assigning seats, randomize your table's seating arrangement.

Assign each chair around your brunch table a number. Then write those numbers on the bottoms of some cute dollar store rubber ducks. Have your guests randomly choose a duck, and let fate deal with seating drama.

You'll need: rubber ducks, bucket, water.

9. Sweeten up your tea with adorable honey spoons.

If your local store doesn't carry these adorable white honey teaspoons — straight out of Alice in Wonderland — then opt for colorful rock candy rods instead.

You'll need: white honey teaspoons or colorful rock candy rods.

10. Spice your table settings up with a sprig of rosemary for an aromatic surprise.

This small touch goes a long way to classing up your meal. It's fast, elegant, and easy. The best part, every time you use your napkin, you'll enjoy a whisper of sumptuous rosemary.

You'll need: rosemary (or herb of your choice), twine, cloth napkins.

11. Serve pancake dippers filled with bacon alongside syrup for dunking.

Everyone loves pancakes, bacon, and maple syrup. Why not cook them into one incredible finger food? It makes a wonderful app or a main, and it's a fun (and easy) twist on a classic. Use a squeeze bottle or plastic bag to stitch your bacon onto its batter bed.

You'll need: pancake batter, precooked bacon, a squeeze bottle or bag. Don't forget syrup for dunking!

12. Instead of making a mimosa pitcher, create a DIY mimosa bar.

Mimosas are the quintessential brunch beverage. Make yours unique by using fruit puree to flavor different carafes of orange juice. Fruit garnishes make a lovely final touch. With so many options to choose from, no two guests' mimosas will look alike!

You'll need: champagne, orange juice, fruit purees, fresh fruit.

13. Make cereal fancy by serving a breakfast sundae in a wineglass.

You're never too old for a bowl of cereal. This is one dessert everyone can agree on — and it's heathy! Layer yogurt, cereal or granola, and fresh fruit in a wineglass. Serve, and enjoy!

You'll need: yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit, a wineglass.

14. Arrange tiny succulents into a centerpiece that your guests can take home as party favors.

A table centerpiece adds color and charm to your meal, but it can quickly become expensive, voluminous, and distracting. Make yours easy and functional by stacking succulents into an attractive shape. And the best part? Your guests each get to take one home as a party favor.

You'll need: succulents.

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