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Coordinator Personality Test

Congratulations on making it into FBI! We are excited to learn more about you, but first things first, you need to learn more about us. Please take this quiz before Sunday, March the 5th.

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  1. Where is the best place to eat in College Station?

    Master Yakiniku
    Salada Always
    Napa Flats
    Mad Taco 4 dayz
    Atami, and don't you dare say Naked Fish
    First Watch, that brunch is to die for
    Chipotle (Because what's not to love about it)
    Layne's (Ignore the fact that I a risking my health every time I go.)
  2. What is your ideal date?

    Korean BBQ and a movie
    random road trip to Austin Tx
    Date? What date?
    picnic and concert in the park
    Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, followed by very fancy NYC dinner and a broadway show
    to be asked on one
    Each date member gets a $20 bill at the entrance to HEB, at breakneck speed, each person gets 10 minutes total to run and find and purchase a combination of ingredients, using that $20, to make dinner for the other date member. Then, return to the kitchen
    Romantic Fireside Dinner followed up by Hot Cocoa/Tea
    Going to the camel and ostrich races, then Chipotle (Naturally)
    With Will Mattinson
  3. Favorite fictional character?

    Severus Snape
    Elsa from Frozen
    mulan bc she's fierce and she does her own thing (she on the come up)
    The Chicken from Moana.
    Goku, I mean who wouldn't want a power level over 9,000
    Baloo (From The Jungle Book)
    Thomas O'Malley the Alley Cat
  4. Where do you want to live?

    Bern, Switzerland
    Helsinki, Finland
    Wherever my passion takes me
    not in texas
    London, England. I've already added "football boots" to my vernacular
    In a palace
    Wherever the wind takes me (And where I can say Howdy)
    Not alone
  5. What was the worst part of 2016?

    MGMT 211
    The College Station FLOOD
    Prince's death (RIP)
    Getting 1 year closer to graduation aka adult life
    The second Blue Bell recall
    I dont know where to begin
    im grateful for my blessings bc blessings on blessings on blessings (im way up i feel blessed)
    The moment I exited my first ACCT 327 test. The people on either side of me burst into tears upon leaving the threshold of the room. They felt it too.
    Pretty much anytime I order Diet Coke at a restaurant and it's really flat.
    Accounting 327, good thing I am in PPA
    Not to be political or anything, but the passing of Harambe
  6. What part of a car would you be?

    Windshield Wiper Fluid
    windshield wipers because i try to help make things more clear
    Headlight, one, but not both
    a scented car charm
    The wheel because I like the be in control
    Air freshener
    the bass bc im loud and bumpin
    The spare tire in the trunk; I'll get you to where you need to go in a haphazard, bumpy, yet inexplicably satisfactory way.
    Speedometer, because I love going fast.
    The headlights, because they're always looking forward & exploring the unknown
    The spoiler since I can't keep secrets
  7. What is your irrational fear?

    Becoming blind
    my cat darting out the door when someone comes in and being hit by a car
    Height (like buildings that are tall)
    Dirt and germs
    Heights (but not like the area in Houston)
    for someone to share their feelings with me
    Clowns...2016 was a terrifying year for this as well...
    . This one time freshman year, I was finishing up a shower in my dorm, and as I turn off the water and look down, a roach crawled out of the drain and I was pretty scared cause you're the most vulnerable you'll ever be when you're in the shower ya know?
    I hate snakes more than the idea of Chipotle closing down
  8. Which word describes you the best?

    My mom says I'm "special" but my dad argues "unique" is a better fit. You choose.
  9. Favorite dessert

    Ice cream
    Glazed Blueberry Cake Donuts
    tiramisu (original)
    Tiramisu (impostor)
    cookies and milk
    Carrot Cake
    tiramisu (to good to be true)
    chocolate bc im brown
    Not a huge fan of sweets, I usually order a coffee as a desert and look classy as hell sippin' my cup o' joe.
    Probably cheesecake
    Creme Brûlée
    White choclate snickerdoodles (I feel like they somehow describe me)
  10. What Do You Do With Your Free Time?

    What is free time?
    Drawing while watching TV
    explore new places and play with cats
    Work out
    plot twist i live at wehner
    I occasionally experience the 40 foot walk from WCL to Wehner.
    Play Super Smash Brothers, Watch Dragon Ball Z/Super, and Cook/Bake/Grill
    Audit for EY... but for fun
    Make buzzfeed quizzes
  11. Where Would You Want to Live for A Year of Your Life?

    London (Chelsea)
    Strasbourg, France
    Can I say Helsinki, Finland again?
    Anywhere outside the US
    New Zealand
    London (Greenwich)
    Seattle, Washington. I'm an all star coffee shop goer
    Majorca, Spain. If you've seen "The Night Manager" Starring Tom Hiddleston, then you know why.
    Backpack across Europe & Asia
    Heldenfels to see how the other half lives

Coordinator Personality Test

You got: Rishabh

You got Rishabh! Very sorry, you can choose to take the test again, or realize this is your true destiny. Make sure you have room for your sunflower seeds, and your sass game ready.

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You got: Kylee

You got Kylee. You are always there to lend a hand, because of your belief in selfless service. You are the mom of the group and will say terms such as "darling" and "love" with no sarcasm in your voice.

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You got: Shelby

You got Shelby! Your craft game is unmatched, and your cupboards are overflowing with girl scout cookies. Your cat will always be by your side and will be an excellent horcrux when you eventually learn to cast spells.

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You got: Judy

You got Judy! The former rebellious child. You are the mediator of the team and will be the voice of reason with all the conflicts. Your pens are lit and you will put to get them to good use when you sign all those autographs one day.

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You got: Chelsea

You got Chelsea! Surprisingly you do not own a cat. You'll always have a love for balloons and baked goods. Hopefully your puns aren't to terrible otherwise you may have to face PUN-ishment from the rest of the group.

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You got: Allison

You got Allison! When you aren't teaching peer leaders how to lead a small group you will be educating children on how they can become ice princesses. You are prepared to go toe to toe in terms of sass whenever needed( which is often with this team). Don't worry about tests because you ace them all.

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You got: Clara

You got Clara! Hope you like Gilmore Girls since you are essentially are one (don't let her know I said this). Regardless of the time your texts your grammar won't be perfect. You are gold card member at Chuys at this point, because you can't resist those chips and slasa.

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You got: Prerna

You got Prerna. I am surprised you even have time to read this. You are living proof that height and extraness have an inverse relationship to one another. You facebook tagging game is always on point with the funniest pics.

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You got: Devyn

You got Devyn! Texas has never been cold to you since you experienced real winters when you lived up north. Minuti is your first home and you somehow convinced them to name a drink after you. You have a big heart, but don't let anybody know.

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You got: Xavier

You got Xavier! You better start knowing everybody's name, because that is the precedent you have set in the past. I hope you aren't allergic to hair products since they will be always in the air. If you are ever bored just work on your car.

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You got: Zach

You got Zach! I am sure you are super excited by this news! Just remember even when you only get two hours of sleep you will still have a smile on your face. Make sure you are at least fifteen minutes late to everything otherwise people will suspect something is up.

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You got: Will

You got Will! Young, almost tall, not terribly pale, and a talented buzzfeed quiz maker describes you perfectly. Your hair will never be consistent, but that's because your outfits add a bit of maturity to you. Just remember business casual requires you to have the majority of your shirt buttoned up.

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