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Profane Mother Craps On Daughter's Dreams Of Musical Superstardom

In the cutthroat world of show business, aspirations of being a singing superstar can really be dashed in an instant- by the person you'd least expect.

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In this video, two young girls decide to seek fame the only way that their generation knows how: YouTube. However, their dreams are sadly thwarted when their mother interrupts their jam session to find out which little munchkin stunk up the bathroom.

Though the Cher Lloyd ditty they attempted to cover was quite catchy, there are clearly more troubling and sinister undercurrents at play.

Which girl did it? What did their loaded glances to one another at the end of the video mean? Why did they choose to leave this video up?!

I guess there are some things that we're just not meant to know. And for those with similar dreams of stardom, let this be a cautionary tale: shit always comes back to haunt you.

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