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Lily Allen Reminds Us All Not To Take Ourselves So Seriously

2013 has been quite an unusual year for pop culture. Parents clutched their pearls as Miley twerked and conquered. Feminist groups seethed about Robin Thicke's rise to relevancy. Now as the year winds down, Lily Allen returns to remind us all to just laugh and have a good f**king time while poking fun at all your faves.

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After a hiatus during which nobody really missed her, 'Smile' songstress Lily Allen is back with new single 'Hard Out Here'. Producer Greg Kurstin, the man most recently responsible for creating studio magic with Kelly Clarkson, has crafted a unique sound for Allen that allows her to remain the controversial twee lass we all listened to ironically five years ago while bringing her sound up-to-date for a post-twerking reality.

In the clip, featured below, Cole relentlessly mocks the aforementioned Miley and Robin, while blurring the lines (get it?!?) of her signature style with an ultra-catchy hook.

Lest we forget, Lily Allen has been the subject of quite the unique public attack herself, when British beauty Cheryl Cole referred to her as a 'chick with a dick' way back in 2007. While details of Allen's anatomy remain under wraps, there's one thing we can say for certain: This brash little piece of indie-pop is sure to put a smile on your face.

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