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Aug 2013
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    Faz commented on I Wanna Know What You Love About Being Queer

    What I love about being queer is my accessibility to empathy. Being a queer Asian, who's also an atheist living in a predominantly Muslim country, my minority stress is off the charts. But because I know and experience pain and oppression, it allows me to be able to emphatize and… 

    3 months ago

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    Faz commented on Who Are Your Favorite Music Artists That Everyone Else Is Sleeping On?

    Anggun. Purveyor of amazing pop music in multiple languages (English, French, Indonesian, among others). Has one of the most distinctive voices of all time. Debuted in the US all the way back in 1998 and did gigs at the Lilith Fair. Latest English album was the incredible 2011's 'Echoes'… 

    3 years ago

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    Faz commented on 25 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About "Friends"

    Dang, Chandler really should've been gay -__-

    7 years ago

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