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21 Times It Was Perfectly Acceptable To Be Anti-Social At University

Because everyone needs alone time...

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1. Whenever you turned up to a lecture hungover and wanted no one to sit by you, look at you, talk to you, or smell you

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2. When you embarrassed yourself on a night out and needed a few days of alone time before showing your face again.

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3. When someone ruined pre-drinks by suggesting a drinking game you didn’t want to play.

4. When everyone in your seminars knew more than you so you didn’t want to be friends with them.

5. Or when anyone on your course discussed what they were revising for your exam.

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6. When you had a dissertation to write and it just wasn’t a good time to be around people.

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7. Or any time you had to pull an all nighter before an essay deadline and actually had to work in the library rather than gossip in the cafe.

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8. When you wanted to take your shoes off and get comfy in the library but didn’t want to upset anyone.

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9. When you saw someone around campus that you drunkenly got with and desperately wanted to avoid them.

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10. When you crept back home on the sly after a one night stand and didn’t want anyone to catch you doing the walk of shame.

11. When joining a society was just not for you.

12. When you didn’t go out with everyone because you had a 9am lecture the next day that you actually didn’t want to miss

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13. When you got addicted to a series on Netflix and didn’t want to leave the house.

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14. In final year when you were over going to the SU bar and felt too old to be socialising with freshers.

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15. When you maxed out your overdraft and had to wait for your next loan instalment before you could do anything fun.

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16. When your parents came to visit you and ditching your friends was worth being taken out for a nice, free meal.

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17. When you got a bad essay mark and needed to dodge everyone asking, “So how did you do?” / Via hollywoodgossip

18. When you spotted ‘friends’ from first year that you hadn’t seen since halls and couldn’t be bothered to make awkward small talk.

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19. When you wanted to cook dinner but your flat mate had friends over you didn’t know.

20. When sports club chants ruined the sophisticated drinks & conversation you were trying to have with your friends on a night out.

21. And every time you needed an afternoon nap.

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