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WTH Wacky Wedding Ideas

I could be wrong, but isn’t your wedding day supposed to be special for all of the right reasons? The blushing bride, the emotional groom, the hideous bridesmaid dresses and the killer reception all come to mind. But some rather wacky trends have been taking part in the nuptials recently, some which are just downright mental.

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See Spot Wearing His Wedding Best

Alright, we know you love your dog. Your cat. Your badger. Whatever. But do you really need to dress them in garb to make them match the wedding party and have them front and center to witness your vows?

We’re Running Our Vows Past Our Robot

Ah, the Japanese. They come up with some of the most innovative ideas, and then they come up with some duds. Like the robot officiator, a robot that can legally bind you as man and wife. This is presumably for those people from different religious backgrounds that don’t want the hassle of choosing.

It’s Not Cheap, It’s Economic

Who knew that you could get hitched in White Castle, one of many ‘retail wedding’ outlets? Many discount (yes, in other words cheap as chips) stores and fast food restaurants are offering to hold weddings.

Nuptial Nappies

It seems there’s no end to the laziness, even on that of most special days. Brides that don’t want to go to the loo and deal with the 5-minute struggle of dress versus toilet can now wear diapers. Yep. Bridal diapers.

Maid of Honor Made to Order

Is it a step too far to ask your bridesmaids to get a little lift, nip or tuck before your big day? What’s the big deal, they’ll look exquisite thanks to a little plastic surgery and you’ll have photos of perfection.

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