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    This Is Your Brain On Superfoods

    20 Good-For-You Foods that Deserve their Own Comic Book Series

    1. Walnuts for the Heart and Brain

    2. Oysters for Energy

    3. Turmeric for Joint Health

    4. Flaxseed for Fiber and Heart Health

    5. Pomegranates for Antioxidants

    6. Pumpkin for Vision

    7. Olive Oil for the Heart

    8. Green Tea for Antioxidants

    9. Ginger for Digestion

    10. Black Beans for Fiber and Protein

    11. Quinoa for Muscles

    12. Eggs for Protein

    13. Grapefruit to Fight Fat

    14. Yogurt for Digestion

    15. Kale for Vitamins and Antioxidants

    16. Salmon for Heart Health

    17. Dark Chocolate for Antioxidants

    18. Sweet Potatoes for Vision

    19. Avocado to Prevent Aging

    20. Water for Life