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10 Things Slim Girls (And Guys) Who Love Food Know To Be True

Life's too short to make it a skinny...

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1. You wake up, flawless... JK did someone say pancakes?

2. Baristas always ask if you'd like your latte skinny.


Actually, I'd like that full-fat with a side of lard...

3. Ditto your blueberry muffin (SMH - skinny muffins???).


You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

4. You're midway through lunch but get up to get more food. Your friend/co-worker insists you won't be able to finish all of it.


Oh ye, of little faith...

5. Having proven said friend/co-worker wrong, they insist it will only last whilst you're young and make noises about metabolism.


LOL, haters gon hate.

6. You're constantly told that you must not eat at home and about the great Daily Mail article discussing 'Liarexia', seemingly confirming the worst suspicions about you.


But does it give you cancer?

7. Friends and co-workers aren't the only sceptics with regard to the black hole that is your stomach. Waiters insist you've ordered more than enough to keep you going.


You prove them wrong too.

8. So many yummy things on the menu making it hard to choose. Guess that'll be two starters/mains/desserts.


If half-portions were standard we wouldn't have to resort to this, ya dig?

9. You spend half your salary on food and your parents make wisecracks about having nothing to show for poor investments.


Idk, parents.

10. So people have opinions about your food intake, you're just thankful that you can eat a store and not worry about piling on the lbs.


You can't win either way anyway.

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