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    • faterd

      1. yeeeh, if i write on the left side, it din’t hurt me, right? if you only write on one side of page,use left side not right
      2 like no1.
      3 if right handed uses their own glove you should buy an won too, if they not they have to shake hands with billions of people.
      4 buy two handed scissors, like on the picture called left, only left or only right scissors are different
      5 buy normal quality ballpoint pen or at least insert(e.g. UniBall or FisherPen)
      6 like no.5 and choose quick dry inks
      7 with a right handed GF or BF it’s romantic i think
      8 i think in an update they’ll fix that
      9 driver’s cup holder at right side at the shifter is for no one (blow out when shift), but the one on the door at left is for left handed
      10 WASD is on the left side , should i cry? use the numpad for gaming and the numbers above the letters like millions of people who use NOTEBOOKs
      11 you are nervous unnecessarily
      12 it’s small for everyone, and uncomfortable
      13 for you it’s seems stupid but many countries uses metric and pyrex prints 2 type a left and a right sided version, buy what you need.
      14 accidentally bought a left handed version and didn’t recognised it for years
      15 or go outside….
      16 it’s to long enough for right handed users too
      17 use harder pencil like 2H or above
      18 my are poetica is, who is stupid, he/she should die

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