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Hispanics In Action : Jenaro Yasit Terrazas, Founder Of Royal Yasit.

Over the weekend, I met with Jenaro Yasit Terrazas. Founder and owner of Royal Yasit, a clothing line based from West Chicago. ( Which is a suburb about 45 minutes away from the Windy City). We decided to meet at the Starbucks on Madison St in Chicago. Let me just say, this guy wasn't like any millennial I've interviewed before. He showed up before I did, (despite me arriving fifteen minutes early), he also offered to buy me my coffee, (do people do that anymore?), great class and quite a gentleman. Then we began talking. First I was interested in his childhood. He told me that growing up he loved playing soccer. He played competitive soccer all the way until his first year of College. To this day, he still plays in local places such as Finish Strong. (An indoor facility that conducts soccer, baseball and lacrosse leagues). His first taste for fashion began when he was a sophomore in high school. He told several of his friends to wear his shirt to school on the same week. They decided to wear it on the same day, this got him a buzz around school and on the following week the orders began to accumulate. With the demand so high and the supply always low, he began the hash tag, #StayExclusive. Which not just means you got yourself a rare piece of clothing but also that you've understood the meaning behind Jenaro's clothing brand. "Our mission is to empower people. To make sure that when you see other people with our brand, you know they want to succeed in life. This is all we are about, people who want the best in life." His parents are the biggest motivators and of his essential mentors is Kevin Thomas. He tells me that "Mr. Kevin" (as Jenaro calls him) , has played a big part in his life. "He made me look at life through a different angle and I can't thank him enough." Jenaro tells me that there were times he wanted to quit. "I've had some rough times. After getting out of my comfort zone and putting my brand out there, I was nervous at first. Then it just sort of hit me. I told myself, I won't be asleep anymore. I will create a clothing brand that motivates and inspires people. This is my life and I decide how I want to live it. Don't let anybody decide that for you. That's all it is, act on your dreams and turn them into a reality." Royal Yasit is turning 4 years in July 7, 2017. Looking back at what he has accomplished, it's pretty amazing. Jenaro Yasit has been in two fashion shows, has spoken several times, (including hosting his own event named "Make It Excellent". In which he had a pop-up shop and two motivational speakers). His brand has helped out the community greatly by working with Healthy West Chicago. His brand has also been published by several news articles covering the continuous work that he has been producing over the years. Jenaro tells us that his clothing brand is still very young and he has a lot to learn. To us, he is in the right path and needs to keep expanding outside his beloved city of West Chicago. In which he responded, "My next move will be working in getting more inventory, styles and keep expanding in the surrounding areas, as well as inside the city of Chicago. I know this will take a lot of work and dedication. I've had people out of state purchase my clothing. That to me, means the world. All my family and friends that support me, means the world to me. All the people that support me, means to world to me. We will see Royal Yasit around the world if we keep this up. Imagine that." After talking a bit more and finishing up my coffee, we both departed away. I will be keeping up with Jenaro Yasit and his clothing brand, Royal Yasit. Maybe one day, you will see his clothes inside your favorite store. - Website :

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Jenaro Yasit, speaking to WCCHS students.

Photo courtesy of Rigo Esparza. / Via Facebook: OfficialJenaroYasit

On February 28th, Jenaro visited the West Chicago Community High School for the second year in a row to talk about leadership, entrepreneurship and taking action to follow your goals.

Powerful signatures.

Photo courtesy of Rocio Hernandez. / Via

This is one of Jenaro's several activities he performs when he comes to speak. "Your signature is worth more than what you think. From purchasing a house, to signing a deal." The wise words from Mr. Terrazas.

Make It Excellent.

Photo Courtesy of Edgar J. Lomeli / Via

The first event hosted by Jenaro Yasit Terrazas in Downtown West Chicago. It included a pop up shop with Royal Yasit clothing as well as two motivational speakers such as Nena Mariaelena Delgado and Kevin Thomas.

The Terrazas Family.

Royal Yasit / Via Facebook: OfficialJenaroYasit

From Left to Right. Grecia Terrazas (Jenaro's youngest sister), Zeyna Martinez Terrazas (Jenaro's Niece), Saharay Terrazas (Jenaro's oldest sister), Jenaro Y. Terrazas, Jenaro Terrazas (Father), Guadalupe Terrazas (Mother).

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