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    16 Times Boyle Stole The Damn Show On "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

    Mmm, texting. That's the most intimate thing you can do to a lover with your fingers. Other than washing their hair.

    1. When he loved Halloween so damn much.

    Fox / Via

    "Guys, I'm Mario Batali! "Molto Mario"? Celebrity chef? Ginger Prince of Little Italy?"

    2. When he was so damn happy to be (co) maid of honor.

    Fox / Via

    "It would be an honor. Oh, my God, that's why they call it that."

    3. When he danced like a damn dream.

    Fox / Via

    ♫ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♫

    4. When he was the damn KING of 'za.

    Fox / Via

    Jake: “Mouth feel? What is that?”

    Boyle: “The inside of your cheeks are very sensitive. It’s like the inside of your thighs, except with a tongue.”

    5. When he made up the best damn word.

    Fox / Via

    "I think it'll really catch on if more people infiltrated gyms."

    6. When he was damn sexy and he knew it.

    Fox / Via

    "Later, sluts"

    7. When he just wanted to watch a damn rom-com.

    Fox / Via

    I feel you Boyle... I feel you.

    8. When he blessed us with this damn good goatee named Bianca.

    Fox / Via

    "That's right; I call her Bianca because she's dark and thick like my first cousin Bianca."

    9. When he knew the damn importance of Tinker Bell.

    Fox / Via

    "Yes! I made number two! I hear it. Why would I ever say that?"

    10. When he was a little damn off...

    Fox / Via

    "In Sunday school they said the Babylonians did that to their enemies. I've been terrified ever since."

    11. When he was just a damn good friend.

    Fox / Via

    Boyle: Did you have breakfast?

    Jake: What? That's not on the checklist.

    Boyle: I added it because I care about you.

    I mean, this guy!

    12. When he used food to profess his damn love.

    Fox / Via

    "She has an amazing tongue. Strong, supple, great bud density."

    13. When he couldn't keep a damn thing from his best pal, Jake.

    Fox / Via

    "I was fine until they went inside the hive."

    14. When he dropped so much damn knowledge about Nancy Drew.

    Fox / Via

    "Nancy was a wonderful detective. I wanted to be her when I grew up."

    15. When his foodie game was too damn strong.

    Fox / Via

    "That's the best part of the stew. Think of it as marrow-nougat wrapped in a thick toenail."


    16. And finally, when his damn hunch was right.

    Fox / Via

    What is your favorite Boyle moment?

    Tell us in the comments below!

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