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Farrah Penn • 3 days ago
Farrah Penn • 5 days ago
Farrah Penn • 6 days ago

I Tried To Get Dramatic Lashes Without Eyelash Extensions And Now I Think I'm Addicted

I am just a low maintenance girl trying to get great lashes without extensions.

Farrah Penn • 6 days ago

The Taco Bell Hotel Opens In August And Here's How To Book Your Stay

There's a Taco Bell-themed hotel happening in Palm Springs this summer, and here's how you can make a reservation.

Farrah Penn • 6 days ago
Farrah Penn • 8 days ago

17 Literary Tweets That Will Make You Cackle

"If I die, spread my ashes where they filmed the Twilight baseball scene."

Farrah Penn • 9 days ago

16 Times Ariana Grande Proved She Was The Funniest During Interviews

"Did you know I demand to be carried everywhere?"

Farrah Penn • 10 days ago

We Tried On Swimsuits From The Internet's Cheapest Stores And It Was Wild

We kept getting targeted ads for swimsuits that were REALLY inexpensive, so we decided to buy and try to see if they were worth it.

Farrah Penn • 10 days ago
Farrah Penn • 11 days ago
Farrah Penn • 11 days ago
Farrah Penn • 12 days ago

25 YA Novels That You Need To Read During Pride Month

You don't want to miss these fantastic LGBT reads.

Farrah Penn • 12 days ago
Farrah Penn • 13 days ago

Here Are Even More Comics From The Artist Who Illustrates Beautiful "Harry Potter" Scenes That Didn't Make The Movies

These scenes from the Harry Potter books might make you laugh but will DEFINITELY make you cry.

Farrah Penn • 15 days ago
Farrah Penn • 16 days ago

There's A Food Steamer On Amazon That Has Over 800 5-Star Reviews, So I Tried It Out

Would cooking with a food steamer make my life easier?

Farrah Penn • 17 days ago

I Followed Ariana Grande's Diet And Exercise Regimen For A Month And Here's What Happened

I wanted to see what it was like to eat and work out like the pop sensation Ariana Grande and honestly? It was a little harder than I thought.

Farrah Penn • 17 days ago
Farrah Penn • 18 days ago

I Tested Out A Push-Up Bra That's Marketed Toward Small Boobs To See If I Could Get A+ Results

Upbra is supposed to be the best push-up bra for smaller cup sizes, so I tried it out on my own A cups to see if it really worked.

Farrah Penn • 20 days ago