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Farrah Penn • 4 days ago

Non-Americans Shared The Oddest Things About American Culture When They Visited

"Dolly Parton has her own theme park in Tennessee?! I thought it was made up!"

Farrah Penn • 5 days ago
Farrah Penn • 8 days ago

16 Hochzeitserlebnisse, die absolut zum Fremdschämen sind

"Die Mutter des Bräutigams war so betrunken, dass sie sich auf ihrem Stuhl sitzend einpisste und dabei ,OH MEIN GOTT, ich bin gerade am Pinkeln' rief"

Farrah Penn • 10 days ago
Farrah Penn • 12 days ago
Farrah Penn • 12 days ago

Just 15 Really Funny Tweets That Prove Kids Are Hilarious

"This morning my son asked me if I lied a lot and that's why my nose is so big, but yeah I cherish every moment of parenthood."

Farrah Penn • 13 days ago
Farrah Penn • 15 days ago
Farrah Penn • 16 days ago
Farrah Penn • 17 days ago
Farrah Penn • 18 days ago

24 Items From Lush That Will Actually Do What They Promise

"I've used Coalface every day for the past four years and can count on one hand how many zits/breakouts I've gotten since I started!"

Farrah Penn • 18 days ago

I Tried To Dramatically Change My Skin Using Cosmetic Lasers And Here's How It Went

Could a cosmetic laser facial actually improve my skin?

Farrah Penn • 18 days ago

19 Interesting Tidbits I Learned About "Game Of Thrones" From An Extra On The Show

Extras who were on the shorter side had the advantage of more screen time, as the crew typically placed them beside shorter actors.

Farrah Penn • 20 days ago

Here's What Happened When I Tried A Zero-Waste Makeup Challenge For A Week

Last year, 142 billion units of packaging was created by the beauty industry, so I decided to challenge myself to ONLY use cosmetic products that were zero-waste.

Farrah Penn • 20 days ago
Farrah Penn • 21 days ago
Farrah Penn • 24 days ago
Farrah Penn • 25 days ago

「クィア・アイ」舞台裏秘話 58連発!


Farrah Penn • 28 days ago
Farrah Penn • One month ago