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    18 Really Excellent Zero-Waste Travel Products That'll Make The Earth A Little Better

    Skip the single-use plastic this trip.

    Hey, I'm Farrah! I've been tweaking my travel routine this year to include 100% zero-waste products, and there's a few things that I think should be staples if you want to be more eco-friendly when you travel. So, without further ado, here's a few of the basics you should check out.

    1. Quit buying travel toothpaste in plastic tubes and make the switch to toothpaste tabs.

    2. Take a bamboo toothbrush with you instead of a plastic travel toothbrush.

    3. Switch from liquid face wash to face wash that comes in a solid bar.

    4. Make liquid shampoo a thing of the past by getting yourself a shampoo bar.

    5. And while you're at it, switch to a solid conditioner.

    6. Travel with tons of lotion by switching to a solid lotion bar and always have silky, hydrated skin.

    7. Forgo bottles upon bottles of skin serums and travel with "naked" serums.

    8. Stop using one-and-done makeup wipes that go straight to landfills and try a reusable makeup pad like Makeup Eraser.

    9. Dump those disposable razors for an eco-friendly option.

    11. It's impossible to travel without hair ties if you have longer hair, so grab a pack that's biodegradable.

    12. Switch to a dry shampoo that doesn't come packaged in a throw-away aerosol can.

    13. Instead of bringing tons of tampons and pads on your trip, bring just ONE pair of Thinx underwear.

    14. Quit using single-use plastic baggies for your toiletries and get a reusable bag.

    15. Trade those plastic water bottles for a reusable water bottle.

    16. And don't forget about a reusable cup for both your iced and hot coffee or tea.

    17. Bring reusable bags for snacks instead of plastic baggies.

    18. Get yourself a set of travel silverware to prevent yourself from using plastic utensils.

    19. Finally, get yourself some reusable bags if you know you'll be shopping on your trip!