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    23 Situations Only Petty People Will Understand

    Who wants some tea?

    1. You've lost a fight but refuse to admit defeat.

    2. You've truly gone the distance to make every second count.

    3. You've made a big fucking deal out of something that honestly wasn't that big of a deal.

    4. You've found cheap thrills in participating in the smallest annoyance.

    5. You've put a near-empty carton back in the fridge.

    6. You've always been keen on getting some piping hot tea.

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    7. You've pushed boundaries that were deeply wrong to push.

    8. You've made the executive decision to sit back and watch drama unfold instead of stopping it.

    9. Honestly? There's no rhyme or reason to strides you'll go to be petty.

    10. You've said things that you give 10000% no shits about.

    11. You've become the master at pushing people's buttons.

    12. You straight-up live for brawls in the comments over Facebook.

    13. You've never learned the art of an apology.

    14. You've stirred the pot just for the fun of it.

    15. You've fucking stood your ground no matter how many people called you stubborn.

    When he gets on your nerves so you walk home #GrowingUpPetty

    16. You've rubbernecked many fights and stopped 0% of them.

    17. You've created drama out of pure boredom.

    18. You've gotten upset over the littlest things.

    19. You definitely live by double standards and you don't even care.

    20. You've been called out more times that you can count.

    21. You're always willing to hear out an apology, but never give one yourself.

    22. Life's mishaps are NEVER your fault.

    23. And finally, you're well aware your pettiness cannot and will not be stopped because it is a dish best served PIPIN' HOT.