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    Aug 4, 2015

    The Actor Who Played Young Tom Riddle Is Now Sexy AF

    Here for it.

    We all remember the manipulative, devious Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    AKA young Lord Voldemort.

    Warner Bros. / Via


    Warner Bros. / Via

    Well Frank Dillane, the actor who plays Tom Riddle, is all grown and lookin' fine AF.

    AMC / Frank Ockenfels / Via

    He's got hair that rivals Harry Styles...

    Chris Colls' work makes the magic happen.

    ...but he's still got that brooding Tom Riddle stare.

    "No food, 2 hrs at the gym & 14 hrs on a boat every day takes its toll" (#FrankDillane about #InTheHeartOfTheSea)

    And BONUS: Frank will star in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead this fall, so you can watch him for months to come.

    AMC / Frank Ockenfels / Via

    You can watch Frank in the Fear The Walking Dead trailer here:

    View this video on YouTube

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