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    19 Employees Who Were, Quite Frankly, Over It

    Welp, this doesn't look right.

    1. The employee who was probably daydreaming of orange juice:

    Lemon-orange hybrid obviously from onejob

    2. Whoever copy edited this book:

    Best, or worst, editor? from onejob

    3. And whoever thought it was OK to approve this copy:

    Yes Don't the food from onejob

    4. The person who designed this for children:

    This Finding Dory night light is perfect for kids! from onejob

    5. The person who forgot to fill in the details:

    You had one jobby job-job from onejob

    6. The employee who didn't quality control check this product:

    How did they mess that up from onejob

    7. The person who created this table:

    Hmm ok then from onejob

    8. The person who let this happen:

    15 straws. Thanks. from onejob

    9. The person who made this and thought, "Yup, looks fine to me!"

    Something’s wrong, I can feel it... from onejob

    10. The designer of this sign:

    10lb bag of Mice from onejob

    11. The person who made this label:

    Mmmm i love coocies from onejob

    12. The person who made this very messy mistake:

    When the bakers make the mix wrong and then forget yeast don’t just stop working because it’s in a dumpster... from onejob

    13. Every single person who saw exactly zero problems with this campaign:

    Meth, I'm on it from onejob

    14. The person who didn't think to double check the copy:

    Food may contain human flesh from onejob

    15. This big oopsie daisy:

    Don't worry boss, I wrote from onejob

    16. The employee who did EXACTLY what they were told:

    I diD tHe jOb bOsS. from onejob

    17. The person who designed this technology:

    Helpful for finding your car from onejob

    18. This employee who did not give one single care:

    They’re different colors? Super hard from onejob

    19. And finally, these conflicting signs:

    Nice, fooled me again. from onejob


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