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Here’s Solid Proof That The Earth Has No Chill

Honestly, just stay inside.

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Listen, nature has blessed us with its beauty. But there are some times when it's like, OK, let's fuck some shit up.

Nordicphotos / Getty Images

Here are some reasons why you should never mess with nature.


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Here's a casual bed of solid lava that looks like thousands of dying souls being dragged to the literal depths of hell.

PappaSmurfAndTurf / Via

Oh, this? This isn't the apocalypse. It's a crazy-ass dust storm.

Handout / Getty Images

Also, nature has produced some weird-as-shit creatures that do weird-as-shit things.

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For instance, this ACTUAL MONSTER is called a Coconut Crab and it is a thing from your nightmares that exists on this planet.

This is a giant motherfucking salamander that was chilling on a sidewalk in Japan CASUAL AS HELL.

優 O / Via

These spider beasts are called Japanese Spider Crabs. Nature decided it was a good idea to bring them to this good earth but honestly, they would give Satan himself nightmares.

This, surprisingly, is not the villain of a Disney movie. It is a Star-Nosed Mole, and it is terrifying.

And naked mole rats may have been cute in Kim Possible, but are truly the Devil's creatures in real life.

Jedimentat44 / Via Flickr: jedimentat

Sometimes nature gives us cute things that are also a little horrifying. This thing is called a Tarsar, but it looks like it will suck your soul the minute your back is turned.

Per-Andre Hoffmann / Getty Images

And if you think this frog is cute, THINK AGAIN MY FRIEND. The dart frog's poison literally attacks your nerves, paralyzes you, and then kills you within three fucking minutes.

Ching / Via Creative Commons / Flickr: 36302473@N03

This weird land-fish thing is called a Mudskipper, and looking into its eyes is like peering into the depths of hell.

Bernard DUPONT / Via Creative Commons / Flickr: berniedup

This LITERAL DEMON is a Lamprey and it looks like it could chew you into a thousand tiny pieces with its sharp-ass teeth.

Enrique Dans / Via Flickr: edans

In conclusion, nature has gifted us with plenty of beauty, but also some seriously terrifying shit. We should all honestly just stay inside.


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