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    This Woman Made A "Why I'm Single" Brochure To Hand Out At Her Cousin's Wedding And It's Hilarious

    This is honestly genius.

    When you're single, people feel the need to be all up in your business about it — especially family. But sometimes you have a good sense of humor AND creativity about it, like this girl who created her own single Christmas cards:

    Which brings us to Melissa Croce: Melissa told BuzzFeed that the night before she left for her cousin's wedding, she was joking with some of her co-workers about designing a funny pamphlet to pass out to family members — similar to others she'd seen floating around in the internet.

    i jokingly told my coworkers i would make a brochure to hand out to relatives/family friends at my cousin’s wedding but i was too committed to the bit to quit:

    "There were many family friends who I haven't seen in a long time, and — not to overestimate my own importance at my cousin's wedding — but I was kind of dreading the small talk associated with the event, which I knew might consist of answering the same questions over and over: explaining my job, my life in New York, and why I'm single," Melissa explained.

    When Melissa began talking with her co-workers about the "Why Are You Single?" portion of the pamphlet, she began joking that a flow chart might be a funny spin on it. And honestly? It's hilariously relatable.

    "People loved it! Many wanted me to make them one for their own family events. What surprised me were people online who related to it and told me so, especially those who seemed to feel a bit like outcasts in their families. I hadn't thought about it when I made it, but this is definitely a relatable thing — going to a big event and exposing the basics of your life to people who mean well, but are also strangers in many ways."

    Now to the important question: Did she get to hand them out at her cousin's wedding? "I didn't hand the brochures out! For one thing, I like my cousin, and secondly, I don't think my aunts and uncles would've been too pleased with me if I did — but I did have to answer many of the questions on the brochure, so maybe I should've after all!"

    In any case, we still think it's a genius and funny idea!!!!