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    I Dare You Not To Crack A Smile At These Incredibly Wholesome Things

    This cheered me right up.

    1. This pediatrician who clearly moonlights as a magician just to make kids laugh:

    This is the Twitter content I’m here for...💪😍😇😊😉

    2. This playful elephant who decided to treat himself to a new hat:

    3. This incredibly cute moment when Sophie Turner and Jonathan Van Ness met each other for the first time:

    I didn’t breathe this whole video

    4. This golden retriever giving another golden retriever a lil' pat:

    my face immediately after i pet a dog (aarun_evolution IG)

    5. The reaction to this incredibly pure prank that this man's groomsmen played on him:

    6. This VERY GOOD pig who got a whole birthday cake to enjoy:

    7. This father's reaction when he realized his family had bought him his dream truck:

    8. This itty-bitty least weasel who is clearly having the time of his life:

    This is what a fully grown Least Weasel looks like. It’s the least amount of weasel one can be while still being a weasel

    9. This little angel's reaction to seeing a train for the first time:

    Little Madeline sees a train for the first time! So pure! Wish I could remember the first time I saw a train. 😊

    10. This boy and all his floofy friends:

    11. Everything about this orangutan's sense of humor:

    12. This little pupper who is absolutely all of us at 2 p.m. after eating a big meal:

    We all know someone who can sleep anywhere 😂

    13. This good boy rocking his tiny baby friend:

    14. This adorable dancing bird:

    15. And finally, this woman who proved there are truly good people in the world:

    I left my ex & bought a house from a woman who’d gotten divorced under similar circumstances. She asked me what furniture I needed. “Everything. Dressers, beds, couches, coffee table...” “Make a list & I’ll give you prices” I listed 25 items. She sold it all to me for $25.