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    If You Need A Mood Booster Today, Here Are 19 Wholesome Things People Are Doing During Quarantine

    I dare you not to smile.

    1. This gentleman nicknamed "Dancing Chuck" who is making the best of this entire situation:

    Chuck Franzke “Dancing Chuck” — is a 97-year old Wisconsin WWII Navy pilot — and he’s not letting quarantine get him down. I’m here for this...🌎❤️

    2. This mom who went above and beyond to make a special quarantine birthday:

    My mum has really out done herself this time😭🖤 18 in quarantine

    3. This sweet father who transformed the living room into a movie theater:


    MY DAD’S BEST IDEA 😭🥺 should we recreate another place? (more on instagram @wheres_mia)

    ♬ original sound - miafinney

    4. This dog who is 110% over quarantine but still happy to play fetch:

    Laziest game of fetch ever. Quarantine-style...

    5. This superstar who put on a birthday show for the whole neighborhood:


    I gave my neighborhood a Social Distance Circus Show on my Birthday! 🎪😁 Spreading positivity during this time!! ##quarantinelife ##circuslife ##hoops

    ♬ original sound - gracegoodcirque

    6. This couple who created an art gallery for their gerbil:

    Quarantine, day 14. Me and my boyfriend spent the whole day setting up an art gallery for our gerbil.

    7. This couple who decided to move forward with a quarantine wedding:

    8. This romantic and creative date night:

    Took my wife to Quarantine Grill 🔥

    9. This woman who is making everyone around her feel loved and appreciated:

    10. This well-played prank:

    While we were sleeping, our girls replaced a bunch of our family photos with SJP, Tom Hiddleston and Tiger King pics. 1 of 3.

    11. This adorable reaction from this girl's parents after she decided to get dressed up:

    12. This cute date night:

    Thanks for accepting my quarantine date babe ❤️

    13. This wholesome bonding activity:

    15. This guy who put his crafty side to work:

    Omg. My friend built this during quarantine and is doing a date night with his wife 🥺

    16. This family who had a Schitt's Creek–themed dinner:

    17. This kitty who decided to change up his look during quarantine:

    You guys, my black cat accidentally rolled in sidewalk chalk.

    18. This family who knew just what masks to wear:

    19. And finally, this special quarantine dinner:

    Quarantine couldn’t stop date night 😉

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