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What Question Do You Have About Hair Loss That You're Too Intimidated To Ask?

You ask, a doctor answers.

As a society, we treat hair loss as an embarrassing and shameful thing when so many people experience it. Whether you have a genetic predisposition, are finding your hair thinning post-pregnancy, or you’re experiencing hormonal hair loss — it can be an emotional thing to discuss. That's why we want to give you the opportunity to ask a doctor!

Stages of thinning hair chart

Maybe you're curious if a change in your lifestyle — a new job with extra stress or even a change in shampoo! — triggered a bit of hair loss?

Hair loss thinning overhead of women

Or maybe you're wondering why on earth you're shedding so much hair after having a baby?

A woman is holding a comb with a lock of hair, she is upset because of hair loss.

Or perhaps you have a specific question about genetic hair loss or alopecia that no one has been able to answer for you before?

Alopecia concept. Set of heads showing the hair loss progress.

Whatever it is, don't be shy! This is a safe space. Do you have a hair loss question for a hair loss doctor? Leave it below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!