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What Lush Product Have You Used That Exceeded Your Expectations?

Lushies, tell us what you love!

For those who are Lush-obsessed, you've probably tried a good range of their skincare and bath products. You also most likely know which ones work brilliantly!

For example, maybe you've tried one of their many solid shampoos and have noticed a beautiful change in your hair texture.

Or maybe you've tried their Sleepy body lotion and it's not only soothed your skin dryness, but it's also soothed you to sleep.

Or perhaps you have an ultimate favorite bath bomb because you feel super soft and cozy after you use it.

What Lush product do you absolutely swear by? We want to know! Leave your recommendation below with an explanation as to WHY you love it, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.