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In Your Opinion, What Is The Worst Season Of A Television Series That Deserves A Do-Over?

There's always one!

We live in a world where there are MANY television shows with multiple seasons. And as people with opinions, we know that some TV series have stronger seasons than others. It's just facts!

For instance, I'd argue that the first season of Parks & Rec is by far the worst compared to all the others because some of the best characters hadn't been introduced yet.

Maybe you think Season 4 of Friends was NOT the best one because it kind of just fell flat.

Or maybe you firmly believe the third season of Riverdale was the worst because the storyline became way too bonkers.

Here's your chance to tell us your strongest opinion: What's the worst season of a television series and WHY? Answer both of those questions in order to be featured on an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!