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What's Something Tourists Do In Your Country That's Totally NOT Worth It?

Tell us all the disappointments.

When you're from a place that tends to attract a lot of tourists, you quickly learn what sights are absolutely WORTHY of seeing and which...aren't.

For instance, maybe you've seen people flock to the Vancouver steam clock in Canada and have thought, "There are better things to see."

Or perhaps you've seen hundreds of people go to Santa Monica when you know there are plenty of less crowded, beautiful beaches in California.

Or maybe you've seen tons of people pay way too much to ride the Melbourne Star in Australia when they could find cooler views elsewhere.

So, tell us! What tourist attraction in your country is HIGHLY overrated and maybe even a little disappointing? But also — what should they see INSTEAD? Leave your suggestion in the Dropbox below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post/video!