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Updated on Jul 7, 2020. Posted on Apr 24, 2020

It's Kinda Freaky, But This Quiz Gives You An In-Depth Look At What Color Matches Your Inside And Your Outside

Get ready for really specific answers.

  1. What color GREEN appeals to you the most?

  2. What color is your phone case?
    (or phone if you don't have a case)

  3. Which color BLUE are you the most drawn to?

  4. which color do you tend to wear the most?

  5. Which color PINK do you love the most?

  6. What color are you most likely to wear to your friend's wedding?

  7. What color PURPLE is your favorite?

  8. What color tends to look best with your eye color?

  9. Finally, which of the following colors best describe how you feel day-to-day?

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