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Non-Americans Shared The Oddest Things About American Culture When They Visited

"Dolly Parton has her own theme park in Tennessee?! I thought it was made up!"

On Reddit, changfukaana and Shelleton8 asked non-Americans to spill the weirdest thing they experienced in America and something they thought was fake that turned out to be true. Here are the greatest replies.

1. Discovering wacky inflatable tube men actually exist.

"A wacky inflatable tube man! Those things are fucking real? I assumed it was a running joke from Futurama or whatever!" —naryn

2. Distributing mail in mailboxes instead of letterboxes.

Robert Clay Reed / Getty Images

"A co-worker of mine visited the U.S. from the U.K. and exclaimed, 'Oh my god! You have a mailbox! Just like in the movies!'" —anonymous

3. Saying, "Hey, how are you?" as a greeting.


"The thing that I found really weird is that you guys say, 'Hey, how are you?' and you don't actually mean it. It seems more like a greeting." —SarapMilk

4. Eating pumpkin pie as a dessert.

Kreinick / Getty Images

"Pumpkin pie. WTF! That is not a dessert! What the hell, America? It is PUMPKIN-flavored. Who has vegetables for dessert? The texture is real weird." —eqbufirynbcfuyoxiw

5. Seeing lawyer ads all over the place.

6. Enjoying enormous turkey legs at fairs and parks.

7. Realizing Dolly Parton's theme park is real.

8. Discovering kid beauty pageants are a thing.


"Kid beauty pageants. I don't understand it." —kjoro

9. Seeing the huge gaps in our public toilet stalls.

10. Spotting so many flags everywhere.

11. Hearing the way surfers speak.

Fox 11 / Via

"I thought it was a rumor, but no. Surfer dudes actually speak like that." —Hasetate

12. Being bamboozled by the sheer amount of after school activities we offer.

CW, mbkphotos10 / Via

"In American movies, schools have a fuck ton of extra curricular activities and clubs. Basketball, football, swimming, cheerleading, chess, and a lot more." —Tanerer

13. Experiencing all the honking.


"The honking. I thought it was a movie stereotype, and then I went to New York." —violetzinc

14. Buying milk that comes in a gallon.

P_wei / Getty Images

"They have milk in gallon cartons! When I visited America, I went to a supermarket for some breakfast stuff, like cereal and milk. All they had was milk in gallons! Who could possibly drink that much milk? I asked for a smaller carton, and the lady who worked their just laughed at me." —memesalwaysdie

15. Only using toilet paper to wipe.

16. Clapping at EVERYTHING.

Picture this: You’re 31. You just married your soulmate and are on your way to your beautiful honeymoon.The plane lands in Bora Bora, as it touches the ground your wife begins clapping. She’s an airplane clapper. You get on a plane right back to America and you never speak again.

"Americans like to clap at random times. I was watching a movie in the USA and people liked what happened, so they started clapping in the middle of the fucking movie." —monkeyboi08

17. Eating spray cheese.

18. Drinking out of red Solo cups.

Pamwalker68 / Getty Images

"When I was younger and at college parties, the Swedish and Norwegian exchange kids would need a minute to process the fact that we do, in fact, use red solo cups at parties and, no, they aren't just a thing from movies." —Sanguinetti

19. Saying, "Wooooo!" to indicate excitement.


"You all say, 'Wooo' a lot." —elbrado

20. Heating water in the microwave.

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images, Bill Oxford / Getty Images

"Some Americans boil water in their microwaves, not in a kettle." —Pabblete

21. Seeing steam rise from the ground in cities.

Columbia Pictures

"That steam actually comes out the ground in New York. I thought that was just a movie thing." —redisthemagicnumber

22. Spotting all the Jesus billboards.

23. Going to drive-thru ATMs.

Fstop123 / Getty Images

"Drive-thru ATMs are a thing. Thought it was a myth!" —batsicle

24. And finally, eating canned spaghetti.

H/T Shelleton8 and changfukaana.

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