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We Tested Out Lush’s New Jelly Face Masks And It Was Surprising

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

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Lush recently released a cool, new product — jelly masks! These masks contain a blend of seaweed, (which is what makes it jelly) moisturizing carrageenan extract, fresh fruit, and cleansing clays.

The "FOMO" Jelly Mask:

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

Farrah's thoughts: I really enjoy Lush products, so I was pretty excited to try out these jelly masks! The consistency isn't like any other mask I've used before, and it felt more hydrating than the mud masks that harden on your skin. The scent was really soothing and relaxing (it was rose, I think?), which is really what I'm looking for when I put one of these babies on. "FOMO" is supposed to help reduce redness, and I did see a bit of improvement after I washed it off — so I'd definitely recommend this for any other mask-lovers out there.


The "Birth of Venus" Jelly Mask:

Nina Mohan / BuzzFeed

Nina's thoughts: I was really excited to try this mask because who doesn’t love jelly? It’s fun and jiggly. But the trick is, once you actually TOUCH the mask in the jar, it stops being jelly. You actually have to mash the mask into a paste before you put it on your skin. It never quite reaches the consistency of a smooth paste. But I let it sit for 10 minutes and when I took it off, it didn’t feel as rejuvenating as I would’ve hoped. I think I’ll stick to sheet masks.

Sheridan Watson / BuzzFeed

Sheridan's thoughts: Let me start off by saying that I am a mask enthusiast. I love charcoal masks, sheet masks, clay masks — YOU GET IT. So I was super excited to try out this weird jelly mask because anything that promises a glow gets my money. The texture itself is super fun, but once you spread it on your face it’s quite grainy. For me it definitely felt less like a mask and more like an exfoliant. I do love a good tingly mask, and this one certainly fit the bill. But after I took it off, I didn't really notice a huge difference. For someone with tougher skin, I can see this being a nice exfoliant to really get a glow but for those who are sensitive like me, I’d say it’s a no-go.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Crystal's thoughts: Look, I'm not really a mask person (I have super sensitive skin!) and I've done, like, five in my entire life? So, maybe I was expecting too much, but I thought this mask was going to like be a thick, comedic slather of gunk on my face, which it was not. The directions say to put on a "pinch of some jelly," but I put probably three pinches-worth because one alone looked like it wasn't enough. The jelly aspect was interesting. The instructions tell you to "work between dry hands" to form a paste, so it's a little extra work. IDK how are "normal" masks supposed to be?!?! All this said, it's a nice smelling product and it did leave my skin feeling smooth.

See one you'd like to try? You can find all four masks below!

"FOMO" at Lush for $13.95.

"Just To Clarify" at Lush for $13.95.

"Birth of Venus" at Lush for $13.95.

"Bunny Moon" at Lush for $13.95.