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    We Asked Doctors Google's Most-Asked Sex Questions And Learned A LOT

    "Wait, is it bad for my body to have sex on my period?"

    Listen, there is nothing shameful about asking questions about your body and sex life, but TONS of people end up turning to Google for answers.

    So we decided to talk to Dr. Lisa Masterson, a practicing Obstetrician and Gynecologist, and Dr. Kia Michel, a practicing Urologist, to ask them Google's MOST ASKED sex questions so we could get some solid information!

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    Please note: These doctors answered these questions to the best of their ability without having any context. These answers still do not replace a doctor's medical advice. If you do have any of these problems, you should see a healthcare professional who can best assess your symptoms and individual health.

    1. My vagina is swollen. What do I do?

    2. Is my penis small?

    3. Should you have sex on your period?

    4. My vagina is peeling. What does that mean?

    5. Should you have sex if you have an UTI?

    6. My penis is bleeding. Help?

    7. What if I had sex and my cherry didn't pop?

    8. I had sex and now I'm peeing blood. What's wrong?

    9. What happens if you have unprotected sex and forget to take the pill?

    10. I had sex and now my discharge smells.

    11. I had sex and didn't feel anything?